A D.I.D. system that shares one life five times over. We aim to show singletons how non singletons exist. There's quite a few of us within this system. We'll likely switch around who posts, the main person that'll post will be me Energy. I'm a she/her badass wolf. No we're not crazy.

Buy your fix

Wouldn't it be nice to just buy your fix?

Go to the store and pay 79.99 for the solution.

Avoid all the pain, the self doubt, the externalizing your will to live on someone or something else.

It's not weak to externalize your will to live. It just means you're strong enough to realize that you're not stable enough to have that part of yourself rest within yourself.

So go ahead try and buy your fix instead in technology, applications and endless stuffies.

That's not going to fix you. Not even close.

Don't worry though you can still buy your fix for 79.99 offer starts never.

Laws of Trauma

Trauma cannot be moved, trauma can be reduced, trauma can be multiplied and trauma can be shared.

Trauma thrives on a cycle of abusiveness, gaslighting and lack of people to confide and help. That doesn't mean you should play junior therapist. The system needs real therapy by real trained people. They may also need a shift from their abusive environment.

Some abusive environments are 'lightly' abusive in that the abuse compounds over time, whereas other abuse is much more apparent to outsiders.

Either way the abuse is horrific and can lead to invisible scars that are ignored because they're invisible.

Tentative Project Collaboration with Cubes

Cubes and I have both realized that as switching is becoming more common and each of us will want to transport things in our own way that we need to find a way to unify transportation across 4 different active fronters within the system. One of us likes backpacks, one of us may travel on fours sometime so side storage is better, one of us prefers storage that's a bit sexier than a fanny pack and one of us doesn't give a damm so long as the stuff is there.

There'll be a new page called 'Magnetic Harness' on blog.

How does the system address frustration?

For a single alter that is frustrated the other alters will remind them that in most cases it's not even worth arguing and the areas that it's worth doing it is only for friend and for a stranger or someone we see every day to just ignore and scream about them internally to another alter. For system level frustration we'll either hold an emergency meeting or talk to the alter that's currently active. The current frustration I have is that Cubes isn't honouring switching as they should be. However I've mentioned it and they keep trying. Frustrating but she's improving.

How does a system address suicidal tendancies within the system if you're not the sucidal one?

It's hard here is what I do:
- I ask for control of the system. Full control. They give it over
- I reach out for help to physically trusted people that the system can trust
- I stay active at the front and carefully monitor their movements, thought patterns and who else is trying to get coconscious or take control.

Finally I made Cubes swear that they wouldn't ever try to leave life that way. That no matter what trust me and to strive to just be neutral if they can't see goodness or feel happiness or whatever else

How does a system address suicidal tendancies within the system if you're the suicidal one?

The biggest thing is to lean on others both within and outside the system. We pulled in as many people as we could that we trusted for help. We survived.

A member of our system still gets it because of my depression and the fact that they don't understand that it'll pass. We do what we can to address such tendencies, when we try and try and it still doesn't work we seek out medical attention.

There is nothing at all wrong for needing to be on anti depression medication. It's just our brain has an imbalance of some kind.

What happens if I loose interest in posting here?

I'm human and not committed to decisions like this. I'm allowed to explore, discover and figure out what I'm interested in and what I'm not. If I loose interest in this this will stick around and I won't.

We may offer to let another system continue blogging or whatever. I really don't care. There is so much to discover in the real world. Some thing I will write fast about and others I may write slow. I may stop and that's alright.

What would you after waking from a comma and realizing you had an entire life ahead of you?

Is there an "executive" alter that observes the whole system?

The executive alter which kinda was Cubes but now the role is shared between two internal members and an honorary third member executive member that is our friend in another body (a singleton).

Cubes sometimes watches over, but someones I do and rarely Ivan does. Finally with our little, our external honorary system watches over in some cases.Then Cubes is sometimes coconscious but stays quiet and doesn’t interfeer. After the event is over and Cubes assumes control our memory alter removes the memory from Cubes and gives it strictly to the little alter. Cubes then looses access to that memory.

When do you disclose D.I.D. when dating?

This is a tough one. Something we ourselves are still figuring out. Cubes has an experimental mindset so we're going to focus on running 2 tests:

First is directly displaying in profile.
Second is not and then bringing up early in conversation, middle or later in conversation and see which works best.

We don't want people to be scared off from us, we're not scary, we're not monsters. We're just like you except we're neurodivergent. My friendship with Energy is important and I would sad if it never existed or I lost that. Unlike an imagine friend they are real.

What is switching?

Switching is when the person in control of the body is a different part. Some switches are a 'hard' switch, some are a fluid switch and some are a soft switch. A hard switch is the one that just feels very jaring and for us involves alot of involuntary eye motion as the two alters hand off control. This one is used for forceful control. A soft switching is the exact opposite when one alter is wanting another to switch with them. A fluid is something in between, such as the non controlling alter asking for control of the system.

What is teamwork?

There are primarily two ways of addressing DID. Read 'closure'. There is either reintegration or teamwork. There are pros and cons to each one. However after extensive discussion we've gone with the teamwork model. Each of us bring such a unique and powerful twist to our shared life that we don't want to loose it during integration. We've had a false integration before due to stress or external stresses. Now during external high stresses we enter a voluntary hibernation where most of us go to sleep. The one that makes money gets the mind to themselves until they are recovered.

What is D.I.D?

D.I.D. can be explained as the idea of having fragmented identities. It occurs as a self defense mechanism to ensure the system (the physical body) can survive. Within a system there are multiple alters. An alter can range from being fully autonomous to being a 'shard'. The age of alters can be the age of the body or younger or older. Another important thing about D.I.D. is the trauma holder(s), these alters hold onto the extremely painful memories that caused or contributed to the split. D.I.D. isn't something that can be cured but managed. We're aiming to work as team.