The magnetic harness is designed to allow 3 standard configurations and allow multiple unstandard configurations.

The reason the magnetic harness is magnetic is because it can be worn under a variety of cloths and styles. This avoids having to worry about colour or whatnot. Furthermore unlike claspes which Cubes tells me is a no no, magnets are sexy (her words not mine).

There are three main problems that must be addressed:

1) Balance. The harness empty must feel balanced.
2) Security. The components that click on must be able to lock onto the magnet even thru something like a dress. AND MAINTAIN LOCK.
3) The amount of force required to unlock should either be a small electromagnetic switch that will reverse polarity. Or some fancy hard to do accidentally movement or pressure alteration pattern. That is tug, release tug release, tug, container released.The thickness of the magnets and total harness should not exceed the thickness of a paper tablet that Cubes has.

There are a few issues that are addressed when more than one magnet is used to load in a container.
1) How can a twist factor of magnet be used when 2 or more magnets are being used for the same container? How about shielding components from magnetic interference (both our body and that of anything inside the containers should be safe).
2) ensuring temperature regulation (ie breathability)

Also here are the two parts of the magnetic harness system
1) The magnetic harness
This is currently likely going to be a three piece. One for the chest and backpack support along with thigh based harness that works around each leg. Depending on difficulties that we may encounter we may switch to a more traditional 2 piece harness. However a three piece gives both me and Cubes the ability to have only one side on or so. However considering that we both like to be balance this will likely not be used by us but could be used by you.
2) The containers
A container is a shaped storage unit that may have additional properties such as waterproofness, certain size and shape, squishable or not, self leveling and such. However a requirement of all containers is the following: magnets mush be able to slide (to accommodate a wide variety of bodies and their dimensions along with matching with actions such as changing from 4 to 2 and back again.