This is a little page for my writing projects as I learn how to write good. I do not guarantee any kind of quality, but I do guarantee lots of use of 'To be continued...'


Learning To Write

In November last year I decided to undertake the NanoWrimo challenge. It was something I had wanted to do for a long while but never gotten around to. I finally gave it a shot last year and found that I really enjoyed it!
I'm sure my writing sucks, but that isn't really the point. I enjoyed it so much that I've undertaken a little personal challenge this year to write one 'short story' each month, for the whole year (except for November where I hope I'll hit that 50,000 word target this year - I only reached around 34k last year).

I thought it might be a good idea to publish my crappy first steps into writing here, as a way of tracking my progress and having something to shame me into doing better. From now on I'm going to publish one story story every month. I haven't defined for myself what a 'short story' is. I know there are definitions out there, but for me for the purposes of my personal challenge it's just going to be when I feel I've achieved what I wanted to with a little piece of writing. That could be 1000 words, or 10,000.

I'm sure no one will read this, but if you do, enjoy laughing at my awful writing. :)

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