Seeker, Observer, Journaler and a Walking Sedative. I am here to share my unformed thoughts and opinions. Thoughtful discussions and criticisms are highly appreciated.

Being Vulnerable

Today I noticed that I had the urge to write about my thoughts and feelings. Whenever I want to share something on the web, I feel apprehensive. I am not sure if I wish to share something online. However, sharing is learning to be vulnerable.

Slowly, I am learning to be vulnerable.

Mantra Meditation

Today I started my Meditation Practice after a long time. A few years back, I learned Transcendental Meditation. It was great. I was going through a lot of stress both mentally and emotionally. And, TM helped me a lot to cope and manage my scars.

Over the next couple of years, I have been meditating on and off. I have fallen off TM. I have tried Mindfulness Meditation using apps like Headspace and Calm. But, I always come back to TM i.e Mantra Meditation.

I stumbled upon the Oak Meditation app some years ago and took their Mantra Meditation course. It is very much similar to TM.

Now, so much has changed in my life. And, I wanted to restart my meditation practice.

I’m retaking the Mantra Meditation course in the Oak Meditation app. I hope to complete the 10-day course consecutively.

Today’s session was filled with thoughts and I knew I have meditated and was off to a good start.


Today I noticed that I do like to run. I remember starting to run nearly a decade ago. I really enjoyed it more than strength training. Now that I’m overweight and in my late thirties, I’m going back to what I have enjoyed to lose my weight.

I’m using a C25K app and finished my first week‘a run. I’m really excited for this health journey.

Standard Notes vs Obsidian

I’m bombarded with Obsidian content on YouTube for quite some time now. I genuinely tried the it. But, every time I tried to like it, something was repelling it.

I have grown to love the simplicity of Standard Notes. It loads fast and is pretty much frictionless to capture my notes, thoughts and ideas. Standard Notes may not have the bells and whistles of Obsidian but the speed and simplicity pull me back.

I can safely say that I’m in it for the long haul with Standard Notes.


Do we feel like you are overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities?

Lately, I can’t even delegate some of your workloads because our team is working at full throttle.

Maybe the best way to beat this is to just focus on one task at a time.

Writing More

I have been meaning to write regularly on a blog of sorts. But, I just end up over-analysing and giving up in the end.

One way to beat this analysis paralysis is by lowering my standards and hitting the publish button.

Hot tip: I’m planning to track how many times I’m publishing a post in a week. This means, that if an essay is good enough then I will publish it and celebrate with it a fist pump.


I have been procrastinating a lot lately.

It might be because of fasting during the Indian Summertime. As a British Asian, hot weather doesn’t always agree with me when I’m visiting the Motherland. The heat makes me tired and exhausted. It makes me long for the British Summer. I’m sure I’ll be moaning about the British Summer when I get back home.

If you want to know something about yourself

If you want to know something about yourself then do this ONE thing quite often.

  1. Sit on your bed one night.
  2. Ask "What's ONE thing I'm doing wrong that I'm doing wrong, that I could fix, that I would fix?"
  3. Reflect and meditate on that question.
  4. You will get an answer but it may not be the one you want but it may be the necessary one.

Link: YouTube Shorts

Welcome to Ikran's Blog

Welcome to my blog on the Listed blogging platform.

I'm not new to the blogging community.

In this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts and learnings. Mostly unformed and micro thoughts. I intend to collect anything and everything I find interesting to share with the wider world.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts here. And, I encourage everyone to share theirs.

Think, Share, Change!