Dear Vaccinated (July 2021)

In July 2021 I wrote this letter as an exercise to help me remain compassionate around the coercion and division I saw in the world.

Right or wrong, I made a decision that I kept regardless of the outside noise.

Dear Vaccinated,

Felt the need to drop you a line.

Many of you who I know are still scared. That's ok, the safety you seek will come in time. Remember , the television told you that last year, and it's evident pandemic management takes patience.

What we saw on our screens generated fearful enthusiasm to the only solution governments offered.

Images of tired doctors , where never replaced with doctors explaining the amazing in-patient protocols that they designed to help people recover from C19. The UK never published recovery and hospital discharge data, but we all know more people recovered rather than pass of the virus.

A pathway was provided, and it's clear more sacrifices must be made.

My path is that of patience, but at least I have a time scale. By 2023 I will have enough information on vaccine safety and observations on how we treat each other to make an informed choice on exploring my contribution to the 'greater good'.

I will , run in forest daily , eat fresh food , stay away from wider consumer society, physical distance from vulnerable family I care about, if it allows me to make my choice.

Looking after my own health is my primary action to freedom, autonomy and stable immunity.

Being “One of them” is the price to pay for sovereign choice.

In time you will get a deadline from the government that will bring your world back into alignment, I am hopeful you can own it.

I ask one favour , if you know someone who has not taken the vaccine , please inquire their motives with compassion, have the conversation , we all fear different things, but its in exploring that fear together we can find unity once more.

It is not our paths that separate us, it's the direction of our steps. We can walk together toward a less fearful future, but sometimes will still have to be outdoors.

Stay well,

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