Day 30 Authentication, Header and ZeroSSL understanding

What I did: improved protocol and transcribed to documentation

Time spent: 71.517


1 - This just like regular packets have a component that can be forged by external systems. However replay attacks are different then hold and send later attacks. For the first we're protected against. For the second (that is a message is intercepted and held so that it doesn't arrive and then some time in the future it's released, the system will accept (presuming the connection wasn't closed)). However that can be migitated at a higher level by having time sensitive dual exchange so a back and forth so that commands can't be held and released at a later time. Furthermore in the event that messages aren't being acknowledged the system can just terminate the 2SSL connection and when the server cleans up old connections that UUID will be wiped out marking that message (should it ever arrive) as invalid.

2 - Began setting up NX and setting up automated testing for Kyber.
- Reading how NX works again.
- Figuring out how to make the tests work and ensure code works in the current testing.
- The code and the testing is horrible and it's very annoying. It should be setup in require but it's currently using import/export which I believe works natively. There's alot of commented out code as well for Kyber. This is good thing to be cleaning up but it's still very frustrating.

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