Four: Traditional publishing v. self-publishing

I was convinced I was going to self publish my book. I was inspired by Nipsey Hussle and other hip-hop artists that have their own record labels. I like the idea that all the profits return to the artists. I like the idea of being entrepreneurial and doingmy own marketing. I would rather sell 1000 copies and make a profit of $100,000 than to sell 1000 copies and make a profit of $1,000. Like Hussle, I want to give back to my community and develop various neighborhoods on Long Island, in Haiti, and a few countries in Africa. I figured that the more money I can keep for myself, the more I would have for startup capital for my other ideas.

I started the research process of what it would mean to self publish. It seemed easy enough. Then I started doing the math. I was trying to figure out where I would get money to pay the graphic designer, copyeditor, proofreader, printer, etc. I would have to put in that money upfront. I also don't want to produce any type of book. I want my book to made as environmentally friendly as possible. So then I started to look into printers that print on recycled paper, that was taking time. I like to support businesses run by individuals from underrepresented groups. So then I started to look for women proofreaders and Black illustrators. I wondered if I needed to form a publishing company. So then I started to look into business structures. At some point, I started getting overwhelmed. I was over the self-publishign process before I even really started.

For ten years, I've been blogging and that is a form of self-publishing. My blog is my way of owning my own platform. It's okay to have a hybrid approach to my creativity. I took a step back and decided that I wanted to focus on writing a quality book and leave all that other stuff to people who know what they are doing. I will go the traditional route of finding an agent and then getting signed to a pubishign house. I rather not feel overwhelmed. I rather focus on writing. So for now, I'm going the traditional route. I stopped feeling guilty about that a few weeks ago.

Goals for tomorrow

  1. Creative write for 45 minutes
  2. Write Listed update for 15 minutes


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