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Helping everyone to awaken from a dream of mortal existence to the Truth of Immortal Divine Reality.

Positive Disillusionment

A great video by Adi Da. He makes it clear that until we are disillusioned regarding the world we experience, we will not look for another, new experience. Only then does the devotee start to walk the spiritual path. Check it out.

“Adi Da speaks about the necessity to become disillusioned with mortal life in a positive sense. Positive disillusionment is emerging when you begin to understand and relinquish the stressful and ultimately futile search for personal survival, worldly happiness, and ultimate life fulfillment. Only then can you be drawn into recognizing, learning about, and ecstatically participating in Reality Itself, in relationship to a True Realizer.”

Adi Da Samraj: The Virtue of Positive Disillusionment 

The Teaching of Oneness

Most spiritual teachings and religions teach the teaching of “two-ness.” There is the material world, planet earth, the physical realm. And then there is the spiritual world, Heaven, the spiritual realm.

After that “foundation” is established, we will be told what we need to do to move from the physical realm to the spiritual realm, usually somewhere in the future. By meditating, for example, or living a good life and then dying.

The teaching of Oneness is totally different. It tells us that the world we experience with our senses is not Reality. It is a dream, a manifestation of the mind, and it will disappear when we reach Enlightenment, when we wake up.

The teaching of two-ness cannot be true, because that would mean that a Perfect Creator would allow for, even create, an imperfect world. Therefore, the teaching of Oneness must be true. Human bondage is but a dream.

Every Awakened Being Who walks the planet assures all His Devotees that only the Truth is true, and that by letting go of the illusory world, we can come to know Reality, and experience what is real.

That is the destiny of everyone. To awaken to the Truth. This will happen to everyone sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. The more open you are for Divine Grace, Guidance, and Help, the sooner it will be.

The Way to God

The way to God is very simple. You let go of what is ephemeral and you focus only on what is Eternal. Let your awareness of That That Is Forever grow in your own mind, and stop paying attention to the worldly turmoil.

Be in the world, but not of the world. Be focused on the Divine while you are experiencing whatever you are experiencing. Don’t let circumstances determine your state of mind, but let the Light of God illuminate your Holy Mind.

Keep it simple. Be in this moment, right here and right now, and open up to receive more Light, more of the Divine Presence, and your life will transform surely and miraculously.

Spiritual Beings or None-spiritual Beings?

It is really simple. We are spiritual beings, or we are not spiritual beings. We cannot be half spiritual, half something else. We have to be one of the two. Just like a woman is not “half pregnant.” She is pregnant or not pregnant.

You and I are spiritual beings, or not spiritual beings. I have been blessed with spiritual experiences which prove to me I Am a Spiritual Being. That means that YOU must also be a spiritual being, and that we are already connected. Wow! We are blessed indeed.

Spiritual Beings

Sometimes a quote really hits the spot, like these beautiful words I found:
„We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.“
 —  Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

THAT is the reason why everyone who tries to find happiness in the world, while excluding God, is bound to find unhappiness. THAT is the reason why everyone has an instinctive knowing that there is something missing here, that there is something wrong here. THAT is the reason.

You do not belong on planet earth. You belong in Heaven, Nirvana, the Ocean of Bliss, however you want to call that, together with your Heavenly Father, God, Creator, Source, however you want to call Him. You are lost, let yourself be found, and be happy.

Alive in God

"I am here to be alive in God and to share this aliveness with everyone and everything. The choice is being alive in God or being dead in the world. Only one of these choices brings happiness."

"The Truth is that only God and His Creations are real. All else is a manifestation of the mind, an illusion, just a dream. Awakening from this dream is the purpose of human life."

"Be happy in the Truth and keep letting go of the lies. Only God and His Light will content you in the long run, so stay focused on His Presence and be happy."

About A Course In Miracles

The incomparable book, A Course In Miracles, is like a treasure map. A treasure map to where you can find Perfect Happiness in your own mind. It was never lost, just unremembered, and therefore it needs to be remembered, that’s all. By reading and practising A Course In Miracles, and accepting the personal guidance from Jesus the Risen Christ Mind and the Holy Spirit, we will remember. And the outcome is as sure as God! This is fantastic news, thank You, Father! YAY!

Let There Be Light!

“Let there be light. Darkness is not our will. Let there be Light, more Light for everyone! Truth is seen in the Light, while darkness is nothing but a shadow laid upon the Truth temporarily, covering it but not changing the Truth at all.”

“Let the Light shine away the darkness by keeping a firm focus on the Light. More Light! Not this! And you will witness the Truth, the Light dawning on your mind. Be happy. Be grateful. Above all, focus on the Truth, on your heart’s desire, on the Light! Amen.”

The Human Condition

The human condition is believing to be trapped in a body, living a life of limitations, while the Higher Power is reaching out, reminding us we are Spirit, alive without limitations, not born but created, not mortal but immortal. We do not need to solve any problems. All we need is to remember the Truth about our Divine Identity. That’s all. And that is the good news!

The Goal of Human Life

Creation & Manifestation

Only the Creations of Light are real. You are one of them, as are Your Brothers. All manifestation is but illusion in the mind, nothing more than a dream, and all dreams must end. Light must shine away the darkness, because that is what it does, that is its nature. Focus on the Light and pray to the Higher Power. That is the road to freedom. All other roads must fail. Choose freedom and be happy.

I Am

I Am forever as I Am created to be, a magnificent Spiritual Being, limitless, loved, helped, and guided. My Father loves me and sustains me forever. I do not have a care in the world. I am in the world, but not of the world. I am only here to be helpful, to spread the good news of everyone awakening from a dream of mortal existence to the Eternal Glory of our Heavenly Father. Hallelujah!