Mystery Meat

Janet looked down at her Mystery Meat stew, slowly beginning to trace the edges of the bowl with her spoon. Mystery Meat is the only thing you can get at the supermarket these days and it's something of an open secret where it comes from. After all, Janet's uncle used to work at one of the processing plants before they became fully automated. It's human meat, pared from the bone, broiled to kill bacteria and then ground into mince, flavoured and canned. They called it Mystery Meat because by some reckoning, it isn't cannibalism if you don't know. There aren't any live humans in the factories anymore, and the label is quite ambiguous on the subject. Honestly, it isn't completely unpalatable apart from the vague risk of unwittingly devouring a loved one and the children take to it very well. "I wonder what they'll make out of me when I die," Janet thought to herself, "I'd like to be a Mystery Meatball," she giggled.

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