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Breaking ashore

Be aware it may not be suitable to read at your place of work.

He felt pressure on his chest.
'Where is this coming from?', did Michael ask himself. But before he could answer it, air was being pushed into his lungs. Putting the pressure and air aside for a moment, he slowly began to realise where he must be. The waves of the sea were breaking ashore, the ground beneath him soft, and warm from the heat of the sun.

There it was again, the flow of air, powerful but gentle at the same time. The lips wrapping around his mouth were well defined and surprisingly pleasant. He began to enjoy the feeling, still wondering how or why… suddenly he realised… someone was performing CPR. Wait. He tried to move his arm someone was holding his hand and tightened the grip when they felt his movement. The mouth to mouth resuscitation evolved very slowly into sensual passionate extensive kissing.

Michael did not dare to open his eyes, he couldn't, not knowing who he would be seeing. However, from the scent his nose picked up and the taste of the skin, he was very confident to know who it might have been. He heard someone in the distance asking "Is he alive?". She stopped, her tongue and mouth moved back to reply "We will have to carry him inside". Soon he was grabbed by the feet and under his arms, trying not to make him as heavy as he was for the two ladies carrying him.

Some minutes later he was put on a bed of some sort, one of the women still holding his hand the other one left with by saying "Good luck, Leia. I'll come back later to check on you two". The door was shut and his hand let go, then there was a clicking noise. She must have locked the door from the inside.

"Now we are all alone, come on you can open your eyes. I know you are alive and enjoyed the show down at the beach." Michael didn't want to, he couldn't, not knowing if it is really her he would see, but her voice sounded very familiar. "Alright I get it, you don't know do you? Where you are, who I am, afraid you are not going see the woman of your dreams. Well, then let me make you understand." Leia climbed into the bed next to him, taking his hand gently kissing his cheeks and turning slowly to his mouth while moving on him."

He could feel her chest, her hips, her entire body on him. She stopped. "Still no clue who I might be, want open your eyes and find out?" The tension was unbearable but he didn't want to, even though he knew who she might be. She put his hand onto her body and said "Feel me, to understand who I am. See me with your every touch. You know I am yours, you know I want only you, no one else is going to see me like you do. But I'm not going to tell you my name, open your eyes to find out yourself."

He couldn't open his eyes. He touched her, started with her face - it was well defined; her neckline and shoulders just right; her breasts - perfect, as if they were designed for his hands. Moving down along her silhouette - not too much not too little and her skin cared for and soft, yet still firm.

"I know you now, your scent, your voice, your body. It all comes together now, yet I do not want this beautiful adventure to end", Michael said before Leia took his hand and pushed it further down her body. "You do not know me fully, let me guide you exploring my innermost parts." He stopped breathing for a moment or two, when well trimmed short hair stimulated his fingertips down her most sensitive, intimate part.

She tightened her grip around his hand, guiding him to feel her every last spot. "By now you must know.", she said short of breath. Overwhelmed by excitement, he took control of his hand, sat up and whispered "Thank you, my Love" close to her ear while pushing it into the warm welcoming home she offered.

Entwined as they were, purely driven by lust, it was that moment he opened his eyes. Seeing her in all her beauty closer than ever before. "Look who finally decided to face reality. Don't be shy, you've already explored my body with your other senses. Now take a look.", she said. But before he could reply, someone knocked at the door. "Are you good in there? Do you want anything to drink? Or do you need an extra hand?", the other female voice from earlier shouted through the door.

"Give us a bit more time, Mia", Leia replied, "later you can join us. At the moment he is pretty exhausted." Even though this wasn't entirely true; he knew she wanted him to herself first, so they needed to be more careful and quite as her friend was probably still standing in front of the door. "Now to you my dear. Do you like what you see?". As a matter of fact, getting to know her body from top to bottom with his hands, gave his imagination enough to paint the picture. "My darling, I didn't need to see to experience and appreciate your beauty. You…"; - "Be quite already, you're making me blush all over. You know, I imagined this when we first met. I…" - "didn't know how to tell you", they interrupted each other.

Silence. Long uncomfortable silence. Neither of them seemed to have the ability or find the words left unspoken. Minutes passed by like seconds, they were starring into each other's eyes trying to find the thoughts, that one spark leading to this very moment, that one clue to find out whether it was all true or just an experiment. Yet again, he merely noticed it and didn't want to be the one quitting, although it wasn't a contest but neither of them bothered to answer whoever was knocking on the door.

But then he remembered the lyrics to a song. And so he began:

"I wish that I could tell you just how much you mean to me
The way I think about you constantly
You've got me where you want me - you're the spider, I'm the fly
I can't break free 'cause I never try.

From Dr. Jeckyll I turn into Mr. Hyde
The fear of losing you is driving me insane
Even though I know you're not the one to blame

The storyline for me and you is getting very near the end
And we both can see how the end will be, so why do we still pretend?

Although she thought he couldn't sing at all, she let him go on for a while but then stopped him and said: "That was awful, do not ever attempt to sing again but I couldn't have said it better. I love you, too."

After they had said the unspoken, they continued giving into their insatiable longing for each other. Moving from one position to another trying to intensify feeling, pleasuring one another until few hours later they finished in Afternoon Delight1.

A clicking sound, a key turning. 'Oh no she found the key!', Leia thought but before she could react Mia stood in the door. "My turn.", she said. Michael looked at her as she was standing there in her black, white and red lingerie - "I must be dreaming", were the only words leaving his mouth. "We assure you this is real." Mia & Leia said simultaneously. "Leia leave" she insisted "no need to lock the door".

"Be gentle and don't break him, sis." - "No promises, sis. You, Michael is it? I am going to have some fun with you now." To begin with she let him kneel in front of her and kiss her hand and feet. He already wanted to get up but she took one step closer to push his face right into her panties. Grasping for air she kept a tight grip around his head and rubbing herself against it. This position allowed for only one escape; he grabbed her legs, lifted her up and through her on the bed. A little scream of fear, surprise and joy left her lips. She liked him trying to gain control but she took his arm, pulled twisted nearly dislocated it until she was back on top. "Nice try, sweety. Now lick it."

The pain in his arm was still present but Mia's commanding voice helped him focus on the task at hand and her taste fascinated him. Minutes turned into hours - 'Finally. She's quivering.', he thought. Her whole body was in fact. "Don't… You… Dare… Stop now!" she screamed in ecstasy, pushing herself harder against his tongue. Mia came squirting all over his face. Michael ceased the opportunity pushed her, in her vulnerable state, on her back and said "Now I'm on top".

To be continued...

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