What If -> The V@x is a Technology?

Back in the day, very few people believed a computer would be required in everyday life. Now, look where we're at today.

What if, the v@x is a new type of technology? A technology that the minds of the masses are unable to comprehend at this current moment in time.

What if, these MRNA v@x's allow the user to be re-programmed--DNA altered, switches turned on and off by a carefully designed, as I'll call it, code injection? Some type of technology that is able to be programmed, like computer code, and then injected in an individual to change that individuals genome sequence forever. Nanobots with specific instructions to carry out, or something along those lines. A bio weapon if you will.

What power would that grant to the controller(s) of such a technology? They could change every person that takes the injection to their liking. Need more cancer in the world, to decrease the population and maintain the sustainability of the planet? No problem, code added to the next mandatory injection, updates the current DNA code in the injected individual, and then voila! Before long the cancer develops, and population decreases. They could launch it in the form of Russian Roulette. Some get the update, and some get the placebo. Allowing a targetted percentage of the population to be impacted by the specific code update, and meeting the desired outcome.

Not to be all dark, I'll take the other perspective. They could cure cancer or HIV. Flip the required DNA switches, and inject the update. Individual cured. Genius!

What if?

This post is a what if scenario. By no means am I saying this is true. It's just thoughts from a mind. It's energy flowing through a conduit. It's simply MindThink!

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