What If -> The Pandemic is a Distraction?

What if, the pandemic is a distraction to move along a different kind of agenda?

In the not to distant future, every individual will be assigned a unique QR code, if the masses allow it to happen. This QR code will link to everything about you, and it will run on the blockchain. Your medical records, bank account, shopping information, DNA (Hello, are you listening?), and pretty much anything else you can think about will be linked to it. Today, it's being referred to as the Vaccine Passport. Think the digital tracking of today is bad?

What if this QR code can be injected inside you, invisible, using something like nanotechnology, and connected to an AI system of sorts? The QR code could then be easily scanned with a smartphone or similar device, receiving the most up to date information of the individual. We didn't like what you posted on that message board, so no loan for you. A social credit score. Power! Control!

What if all this talk about a V@ccine Passport is to also bring in a requirement for a v@ccine schedule? Where each person has to take a v@ccine when they're told. What if this v@ccine schedule was used to change(edit) your code (your DNA) as those in control see fit?

What would need to be done in order to make this agenda a reality?

What if, it was something like this:

  1. Create a problem. --> Pandemic....Bad virus...Stay home....Nowhere is safe
  2. Watch for the reaction --> People in fear
  3. Provide them a solution --> We have a two dose v@ccine. Take it and protect yourself.

v@x 1
Installs the technology in all those who wilfully comply.

But, There will be many people who know something is not right, and they will oppose, and refuse to take it. What to do with them?

v@x 2
What if, the second dose is in the form of a w3apon? Those who are injected become a walking bi0 w3apon, passing something to the unv@ccinated. Something that works to exterminate them, and essentially eradicate the problem.

Now they're left with everyone who complied (the sheep), and the wolves, who would have fought are taken out of the equation. Now the plan can amp up, and move forward, focusing on the next set of goals towards completing the agenda.

What If?

This post is a what if scenario. By no means am I saying this is true. It's just thoughts from a mind. It's energy flowing through a conduit. It's simply MindThink!

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