Global Jam Feedback

What went well today is
- Interaction, meaningful conversations, direction and organization of the Jam
- Feeling Connected to people even remotely
- Constraints make u more creative
- different levels of experience and points of view brings in new points of view
- Exposure to different ideation approaches
- The agenda the collective online co-hosting / co-facilitation
- Jamming with the Jam, but also jamming with music! :D
- Getting in the creative process and stepping out of fear! Discovering awesome features in Zoom Having some laughs and learning new things
- Lots of laughter
- Creative volunteers
- Team engagment
- Everyone engaged in the process, however experimental it was :)
- Breakout rooms (divide the Join) & Joint slideshow
-people who showed. stayed. they are committed. they are part of the tribe. i want to see more of them.
- not being stuck alone
- being with friends

It would be better next time if
- get the agenda ahead of time.
- if we had guest Jam speakers outside our community to co-facilitate segments and host some parts ... just a new flavor ... like how Markus came in and supported
- We have the schedule in advance
- being online is not the same as in-person.. so possibly sharing the themes bit earlier can allow for more deliberations :) and development of concepts
- Session to explain the design process in detail
- We have less connection issues to do some cool musical jamming interludes! Internet please move faster!!!
- physical proxies
- more prototypes
- More music!
- Non-digital Jam ! ;)

What stood out to you?

- all of you people
- people from different industries participating. we need more non-designers :)
- the enthusiasm of the group :)
- Connection!
- Easy and hassle free exchange of ideas
- Laughter
-We were a small group but really involved! Time flew by really fast as well…
- We were able to keep meaningful interaction online
-The use of zoom technology and how its features enable collaboration ... we just need to practice some more
- Easy and hassle free exchange of ideas
- Jammers' creativity and collaboration within the constraints
- positivity
- mo's dj skills
- The theme lol

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