Same home, dark outside, no lights in the home, or nothing to indicate there are lights outside. Pitch black.

Suddenly the sky is illuminated, it’s arcs of lightening. There was recently a storm and it was beautiful, light dancing in the sky before it rained.

It felt far away, but at closer look it was strange... the lightening storm over the water, had rays of lightening from the sky to the earth, the lightening was strung together horizontally at the top of the sky, and at the bottom where it met the earth. Shaped like prison odd...

The lightening flashes again, this time closer, as if it was giving chase. I hear a voice echo a command throughout my dream, it reverberates, “GO!”.

We started moving the people to hide in all the washrooms, figuring maybe, with the warning comes a fast moving lightening, with it a storm strong enough to break through the windows. The voice was commanding, primal almost. We scramble to the washrooms as the only cover in the home. With all doors almost closed I hear a more forceful, louder command. “MOVE!!!” It shook me to wakefulness.

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