Talk Notes

3 days prior to the event, we created and shared a 1 minute video clip inviting people to respond to prompts via voice note for two reasons, but first the prompts. 

The prompts we sent were - How will they Prepare their environment for the upcoming event 

\- We asked them To reiterate what made them curious to attend 

\- and To share what it was they wished to resolve by attending. The responses we got were powerful! Voice notes worked because, it’s not as anxiety inducing as a video recording. 

The prompts worked because we could meet them where they are.What this allows you to do is get a sense for who is showing up way in advance. 

If you sensitize people to this approach as being a part of the process, then you’re getting a lot of information on what seems to be top of mind. 

Are their challenges pervasive? Or Are they a flavour of the month? You can do two things with this information. You can remove identifying information, synthesize the themes on a white board and give people access to it well in advance. Or if you have a strong sense for the people, from their responses and their voices. You can invite them into a whatsapp group and encourage them to share the responses to their prompts.

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