The things I do well

For most my life, I've had a fear of creating. I've self inflicted psychological harm by giving credence to impostor syndrome, among other things. I understand now, that I misunderstood the act of creating. I thought it required originality. I no longer think this way, and it feels like a load has been lifting, thanks to, among other things, a youtube video.

So in the spirit of remixing, I asked a few friends who I've worked with on a work project to share what they believed my strengths were. Below is what I received. 

Empathy and research
    You have an ability to understand when and what research is required, what type of research is best fit and practical skills to actually carry it.
    Collaboration and facilitation
      Ability to design different workshops, run them and successfully work with smaller and larger groups of participants to achieve a goal
        Ability to extract and create narrative from complex processes and interactions and take stakeholders on a journey
          Building capabilities in others, be it one-on-one mentoring or enabling larger teams
          Service design tools and theory
            Knowing service design as discipline and tools and methods used, from journey mapping to service blueprinting and service prototyping
            You are analytical. You'll patiently investigate and interrogate until you achieve a complete, systemic understanding.
            You are good in peer-to-peer facilitation. Enabling a space both socially and professionally for trust, warmth and honesty.

            Note, some of it may read like it was pulled from a job advert, a demonstration of remixing in action, which helps me in the long run, ha!

            In a separate instance, I'd shied away from a compliment, to which a friend had the following to say. 

            "Moe, I think you assume yourself to be a generalist in the space but to me this is a niche. To myself and maybe even Randah this is a rabbit hole you’ve uncovered shows that you have gone deep into the matrix and this unearthing that you’ve done for yourself could be illuminating for others. I think you have a knack at finding niches and that is where you can share your knowledge and maybe even get some coffees while you’re at it. Please note I had to stop my bike ride to write this bc I thought it was important to let you know. No one can do it quite like moe."

            So where does that leave me? Well, now the magic I'll have to create is to remix these ideas people have, with my approach to different problems.  

            I'll be breaking down the things I do well over several posts. 

            1. Tomorrow's post will be about my approach to facilitation. 
            2. Followed by my time doing service design work, 
            3. and wrapping it up neatly with my experimentation with community. 

            If you have a friend looking to reinvent themselves, my thoughts may provide some value, so feel free to forward this and subsequent pieces to their inbox. 

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