The Epiphany

Two visitors walked onto the tired, battered plains.
With every step they took, new life sprang to meet them.
The old armies couldn’t determine where this life would stem,
Their war of five years had buried their old lives’ remains.

Awestruck, the armies approached the duo with haste.
“From where does that greenery come forth?
We haven’t seen it for ages, neither south nor north.
How do you summon it with no fault, no waste?”

The duo replied with glee, “Look inside, you’ll find
the source you seek, rest assured.” Silence.
The armies had been fighting for eons, hence
Their judgment was clouded; chaos beset their mind.

The introspection that followed was immediate and complete.
Soldiers in every corner of the battlefield found the source.
Life radiated from them, now as a matter of course;
They had found the inner peace of which they were now replete.

The armies united to give the visitors thanks.
“We did nothing, your answers were always with you.
All you needed was to find that which eluded you.”
They agreed, and dismantled their weapons and tanks.

“What we will ask of you,” said the two,
“Is that you embrace this epiphany and do not hide it from the world.”
The armies had no issues, their hate was unfurled.
Those boundaries now scattered, they know what they must do.

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