The Lustrous Sky

This one was meant to be a standalone story, unlike much of my recent work.

Heavenly bodies, vivid as can be
Light my way as I wander through this town.
Filled with people presenting a shared frown,
Casting a shadow on all that you see.

Such a dive is the one place free from strife,
The one maze of buildings I can call home.
A far cry from the tension and sea foam
Which held the most violent time of my life.

The sky and this town? Polar opposites.
The first shows a vast ocean of bright stars,
While the second boasts people and cars.
In comparison, this small town is the pits.

Despite this downside, I remain steadfast.
Thinking back, this gloomy city is just fine,
In fact, it’s the only thing I can call mine.
The only way I can escape my past.

As I gaze once more at the lustrous sky,
I think about what my future will bring.
I will still love this town to which I cling
And love the sky above it ‘til I die.

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