An Unusual Suspect

“We get stiffs like him all the time,” Clive mused.
The detective briefed Nelson on their man,
Barely audible over their window fan.
The poor rookie was thoroughly confused.

“H-he’s dead, boss? That’s what you’re tellin’ me?”
Nelson busied himself less with the case,
More with this apparent corpse, making space.
“Well yeah Nelson, information ain’t free.”

The duo combed through the cadaver, quickly,
Their analysis rivaling their haste.
With time to spare the deed was done, sans waste,
However, it left Nelson feeling sickly.

“We’re not doin’ that again, boss…not soon.”
Clive let Nelson think it over for now,
Deftly concealing his own furrowed brow.
“You’ll live, there’s another suspect at noon.”

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