Blasts raged throughout the boroughs, there was no time.
Sentinels of the law saved society’s slime,
The destitute guarded the well-off,
All at the bottom of this vast, man-made trough.

Statues and plaques of glory and memorial fell,
Their foundations liquified by this unnatural hell.
Each and every blast tore the land asunder,
Bathing survivors and the dying alike in morbid wonder.

Communities were dispersed and forever disbanded.
The plates themselves proved to be heavy-handed,
Showing no mercy to any of their squatters,
Burying them in their own excess and polluted waters.

Officials in bunkers weren’t safe, nor were the masses.
Status was doomed to obscurity, as were classes.
The mistakes of leaders with poisoned welcome mats unfurled
Transformed the very structure of the world.

The food chain had been reformed like the continents,
From top to bottom, to the elders it made no sense.
Borders across the globe had all but vanished,
The stewards had their fill of conquest, no longer famished.

Now they rebuild from their self-mutilation,
their destruction, their folly and their humiliation.
It’s inevitable for this event to be repeated,
Given their lust for power remains undefeated.

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