The Tides of Battle

Imagine, if you would, the euphoria coursing, racing fast,
Through your veins and body at the peak of a eureka moment.
Imagine the self-assurance that your standpoint can’t be wrong,
That this disappearance of fear is all you need to prove yourself.

Then, imagine you’re wrong.

Imagine your confidence is shattered, your solution faulty,
Your precious opinion faltering like a sapling in a storm.
Imagine the self-doubt striking down your every position,
This assault of indecision breaking your rhythm, your perfect pace.

You have but two choices.

Give in to your lost will, let your inner demons achieve victory,
Allowing them to take root, germinate en masse and smother you.
Or wield valorous thought, cutting a swath through those foul vermin,
Forcing them to wither, to warn their kin of your courageous feats.

Choose wisely, warrior.

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