A Little Something

Some piece I put together to describe a character that would serve as a nexus for other novellas I had floating around. When the idea to tie those stories together was scrapped, so was this.

Tap tap tap went Cro’s fingers on the window sill, the sounds ringing in its ears. Its infinite space was a prison. It felt like hell to even breathe its home’s lack of air. What was it even doing here, anyway? It could break out in a moment’s notice…it could surely escape. It could roam the space between everywhere else to its heart’s content, not a hindrance in sight. Then what was Cro still doing here? Testing the sill’s integrity? Or still gazing at what lied outside its little slice of heaven?

Not much to see out the window, really; just a mess of realities all going about their business as it was. So Cro always argued: Why leave? Why should I go out there when I have everything I need right here? No use.

That was it, though. Cro didn’t have everything. It was missing a connection to this bubble or, for that matter, any other. It was just some debris who’d become sentient, much like all the other little things out there. All having fun in their cells. That was what Cro came to find lacking…all the LIFE there was in the existence around it.

It’s not that Cro was bored, on the contrary. It had gone on for these last epochs alone and in its space, and so would it continue, for that kept it sane. Kept it from reliving its first outing. But now? It almost yearned to string together all the other bubbles of existence in its own personal daisy chain. A far cry from the sheer terror that sent it to its space in the first place.

Cro knew that a good experience out there was asking too much, yet that didn’t stop the thought. After all, it had nothing to lose once it tried.

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