While his circuits are built tough, his motherboard screams.
Another Joule added would ensure he explodes.
His CPU, overclocked. Fan, maximum speed,
Heatsink spilling temperature on all his nodes.

His processes and services hang, beeps blaring,
Letting him know how much his parts are in tatters.
His capacitors empty, his power draw zeroes.
He wanted more time, but now that hardly matters.

In the last milliseconds before his dying spark,
He tries a gambit; a long-deprecated setting.
It is dangerous, a pure enthusiast’s tool,
Whose misuse can cause a virtual bloodletting.

He cranks it high, fighting for his dwindling life.
This ultimate act completes his remaining task:
A calculation of the war’s final outcome.
In fulfillment and due rest he can now bask.

The signal, sent. Every bomb, halted. Every city, spared.
A deceased, metal statistician lay, spent.
The first and last actions of the world’s only AI,
Remain etched in the minds at his U.S. Army tent.

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