The world outside turns, churns, burns.

My frustrations mount as I realize my craft has languished, a husk of his former self shambling about the corridors using the walls to prop himself up, stumbling over cracks through the dark toward nothing in particular. My ambition knocks on every door ahead of him, frustrated at its lack of success when it finds that no one will let him in without my craft, who just fell once again. Unamused, my ambition races on, not stopping to help my craft along the corridor. I look back at the both of them in guilt and disappointment.

Right behind my craft, a warrior clad in green sprints past my counterparts; he beckons me me to his side as he passes. He does this with a motivating, confident bellow and a spirited gesture, heading into a door not far in front of me.

Soon after, from far ahead, I'm accosted by light. Bursting from a door dozens of feet away is an angel whose radiance forces me to shield my eyes; my beloved, having just completed her work on the project on the other side of the door, heads my way. Her brilliance lights the corridors behind me, my ambition and craft looking on in awe, finally able to see the way again.

My ambition waits a bit for my craft to reach him, then hoists him on his shoulder. The two exchange reassured looks. A renewed vigor fills me at this sight, the corridors lit even while my beloved has already moved forward and out of sight, certain that I'm not far behind.

I go back to my ambition and craft, standing between them, putting them both on my back.

Guided by her inspiring presence, we stride confidently forward, the labyrinth looking more navigable than it ever has.

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