A Most Curious Concept

Understanding love is a Sisyphean task.
I’ll inch toward the root, then logic blocks the way,
And circumventing with emotion tends to lead me astray,
As if the phenomenon had been concealed by the darkest mask.

For years I’ve pondered love’s properties, its boundaries,
What about it compelled me to transform.
When it possessed me I’d break my every norm,
Giving me new shape, like I came from the finest foundries.

However close I was, the logic eluded me.
Reconciliation with my thoughts was absurd.
My mind had trouble manifesting a word,
Or even a phrase to describe an emotion this free.

Now I see that in love, the mind has little place.
I should use it chiefly for rational decision,
But allow the heart to govern emotional precision,
And only then will I comprehend its grace.

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