An Artist’s Lesson

Wrist locked, index bent, middle as the guide.
A wooden conduit rests between them, active,
Imbued with ideas both appealing and unattractive,
Upon which the user has to carefully decide.

Given life, the conduit dances about the page!
The decision takes form with visible results.
With the stream of consciousness the user consults,
Assuring the idea is apparent to any age.

Once the deed is done, the user finally rests.
With this comes the realization that progress never stops.
The future brings with it a plethora of caltrops,
However, they are but minor setbacks, mere tests.

It should be made clear nothing can stop you.
Like the user, you too have access to tools,
Ones that separate you from the wave of fools
Who would deny that there are some things you can’t do.

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