16: Medium Kind of Sucks

I've hopped around blogging services a few times so far. It's a bad habit that doesn't help my search rankings at all, but somehow, I just don't care. I'm here for the writing. Not the ranking.

That said, one that I tried out and quickly got sick of was Medium. It presents itself as the absolute best place for writers who are looking for a minimalist blogging platform. It also has a lot of promotional stuff about getting smarter, expanding your mind, etc.

In reality it's just a bunch of self-help garbage for entrepreneurial types. I get the feeling that there are a lot of people out there genuinely looking for that kind of thing, but I really am not. After some of my work experiences, I've become pretty cynical of the entrepreneurial types anyway, so for me, it was a hard no.

There's another issue with it though. It suffers from the same self-aggrandizement that is common on social media services. Now anyone who does some kind of content creation can fall victim to that, but it seems like that's actively promoted on some corners of the internet, whereas it just isn't a big deal on others. Medium just seems really bad for that. Part of me thinks that it's that way because they attracted all the business-y types. I guess if I owned a business, I would be constantly thinking of how to market it too.

Still, it makes for difficult reading. I don't really like company blogs anyway. I've written about that before, but my overall take on them is that they are just not worth reading. Most of Medium is like that. It's the kind of soul-crushing, vapidity that you get reading celebrity news, but it's paraded around like people learning about things.

Now that's not to say everything on that platform is bad. There are some genuinely good writers on there and a few solid blogs, but the vast majority of the content on there is just not worth the time.

So Medium was not the blogging platform for me. I definitely still prefer things here.

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