Mocha Dude

Hi. I'm just a guy who goes around drinking mocha coffees and ranks them based on an arbitrary and very opinionated list of requirements. I try my best to describe and talk about it but sometimes I'm lazy.

Mixed Coffee Mill Creek - 100%

(I had this mocha a while ago and it has been a couple days. Oops.)

I'm... let down.

I've had this drink twice because I forgot about drinking it the first time.

The second time it was the same. It may be because I ordered a large size with only 2 shots, but it just wasn't the same as 85%.

Besides that, It's still quite the mocha. Strong chocolate flavor with coffee flavor trailing behind. The chocolate still carries this cafe's mocha. It's no wonder all of the varieties have scored in A or better.

Tier: S-

Mixed Coffee Mill Creek - 85%

We are quite close with this.


And I mean the same taste of Vigilante (current top). 

I tasted the similarity when I first drank it, but it seems like we need to go further with the chocolate taste. It was like a tease. Trying to find the best mocha here is hard as fuck. Perhaps trying 100% for next time is good.

Seriously though, this place might be it. It has everything, just missing the deep chocolate part. Nails everything else. 100%? To dethrone the king? We'll see in the coming days.

Tier: S-

Bequest Coffee Co. (White Mocha)

Mhm. This was a good mocha, but white chocolate also isn't my favorite. Sometimes its good like this one, sometimes its like, "where is the chocolate?"

It's smooth. Milk is nice. White chocolate works well.

Pretty above average. It's like a friendly neighbor mocha. 

Yeah, that's about it.

Tier: A (Above Market Street)

Tier changes: 

Candor Coffee to A-

Starbucks Reserve

Yes, yes, yes I know it's Starbucks.

But this is UPSCALE Starbucks, and wow.

I'm STILL thinking about placement as I write this and it's insane how delicious this Dark Chocolate Mocha is. Like crazy. I paid $8 but still.

I haven't thought this hard for a tier placement in a very long time. Like, my first thought was:

"Wow, this is fucking good."

This really only means a couple things:

- instantly an S tier bracket

- minimum S Tier.

My question is if it is the new king. Over Vigilante?

It's now been 10 minutes.

No. Not beating Vigilante.

It's amazing but Vigilante has the coffee taste edge. Reserve has the overall mixture nailed down, but it's missing JUST a tad of coffee flavor. Chocolate taste is FUCKING amazing though, like wow, they must use high quality chocolate and it shows in taste and price.

S tier is a disservice. It is S+, basically right behind Vigilante.

Tier: S+

Mixed Coffee Mill Creek - 70%


This place has 4 different levels of chocolate they put into their mocha. 100, 85, 70, 55. I had 70 which was recommended to me by the barista, and it was pretty rich in chocolate. It isn't as sweet which was expected, she described the flavor as "semi-sweet" and that was very accurate. She also told me that they house make their chocolate, and it shows in the mocha.

I liked this, especially considering all the factors. DEEP chocolate flavor. Coffee taste was suitable too. But it was the chocolate that did the carrying.

Tier: S-



S+ (CURRENT KING) TIER: Vigilante Coffee, Starbucks Reserve 

S TIER: Rise Up, Cafe June, 

S- TIER: Mixed Coffee Mill Creek - 85%, Bequest Coffee Co, Mixed Coffee Mill Creek - 70%, Decadent: A Coffee and Dessert Bar

A+ TIER: Le Bon Bakery, Mixed Coffee Mill Creek - 100%

A TIER: Bequest Coffee Co. (White Mocha), Market Street Boba & Beans, Angelina Bakery, French Twist Cafe (Sykesville), 

A- TIER: Candor Coffee ,Breeze Bakery Cafe (White Mocha), 

B+ TIER: Breeze Bakery Cafe (Cafe Mocha), Corner Bakery Cafe (Truffle Mocha),

B TIER: Cozy Cafe, Merriweather Cafe and Deli, Visible Coffee Company

B- TIER: Classic Bakery (VA), Maxim Instant Mocha Coffee, Town & Country Grocery, Gourmet Latte

C+ TIER: Bon Appetit Bakery & Cafe, Buzzed Bear Coffee Co.

C TIER: Einstein Bros Bagels Mocha, 

C- TIER: Cafe Ez, 

D+ TIER: Roggenart Bakery

D TIER: Manoa Bakery Cafe

D- TIER: Starbucks (done right)

F TIER: Mad City Coffee, Hershey Farm

NO SAVING THIS: Starbucks (watery)



I told myself I'd never do this, but some of my close friends are VERY interested and to be fair it was quite annoying to send whatever I reviewed to individuals. 

So this is the other way I got. 

To those that aren't my friends - I drink mocha coffee specifically and nothing else. I rank them and write a small writeup here and there, but that's it.

It's just fun for me.

I haven't really done written comments until recently, so first couple posts may be recent mochas and then the odd old mocha writeup here and there.

Stick around if you are curious about some random dude's mocha journey.