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Doctor Sleep notes

Character list

  • Danny Torrance (DT)

    • Son of WT
    • Drunkard, womaniser, drug user
    • Imaginary friend called Tony
  • Jack Torrance (JT)

    • Husband to WT
    • Father to DT
    • Died at the Overlook hotel
  • Wendy Torrance (WT)

    • Mother of ST
    • Could see Mrs Massey
    • Died of smoking related illness
  • Dick Hallorann (DH)

    • Sexually abused by Black Grampa (father's father)
    • dead
  • Deenie

    • Woman picked up in a bar by DT
    • DT stole $70 off her
    • Committed suicide, overdose drowned in the bath
  • Tommy

    • Deenie's son, 2 years old
    • abused by Deenie or Randy?
    • Died, head injury
  • Randy

    • Deenie's brother
  • Billy Freeman

    • Driver of Teenytown railway and Frazier town maintenance man
    • Has a bit of the shining
  • Casey Kingsley

    • Fraizer municipal manager
    • wife, 3 kids. sexual abused one of his daughters?
  • Mrs Roberston

    • Land lady for Danny in Fraizer
  • Emil Kemmer

    • 91 year old psychiatrist DT meet working at a Tulsa hospital
  • Arba Rafaella Stone

    • Daughter of Lucy and David
    • Has the shining by buckets
  • David\Dave

    • Abra's father
    • married to Lucy
  • Lucia\Lucy

    • Abra's mother
    • married to David
  • Concetta Reynolds\Chetta

    • Lucy's mother
    • Italian immigrant
  • Emma Deane

    • Abra's best friend
  • Doctor John Dalton

    • In the same AA group as Danny
    • Paediatrician for Abra
  • Rebecca Clausen

    • chief supervisor of Helen Rivington House
  • Reggie Pelletier\Mysterio

    • Clown\magician for Abra’s birthday
  • Vera Winnick

    • Resident in Rivington 2
  • Claudette Albertson

  • Charlie Hayes

  • Azreel\Azzie

    • Cat lives in Helen Rivington House
  • Emerson

    • local doctor some times on call at Helen Rivington House
  • Fred Carling

    • one of the orderlies at Rivington house
    • works the 12am-8am shift
    • is violent

True Knot Characters

  • Andrea Steiner\Andi\Snakebite

    • Run away
    • Sexually abused by her father
    • has the ability to make people sleep
  • Silent Sarey

    • lover to Snakebite
  • Rose O’Hara\Rose the Hat

    • Leader of True Knot
    • Turned Andi
    • Girlfriend of HR\CD
  • Grampa Flick

    • With Rose when they take Andi
  • Barry Smith\Barry the Chink

    • With Rose when they take Andi
  • Petty the Chink

    • Barry the Chink’s wife
  • Henry Rothman\Crow Daddy

    • Harvard educated lawyer
  • Token Charlie

  • Baba the Russian

  • Diesel Doug

    • married to Baba the Red
  • Steamhead Steve

  • Greedy G\Greta Moore

  • Tommy the Truck\Peter Wallis

    • died
  • Heavy Mary

    • wife\gf of Tommy the Truck
  • Jimmy Numbers

    • Accountant for True Knot
  • Pea and Pod

  • Apron Annie\Anne Lamont

  • Long Paul

  • Dirty Phil\Phil Caputo

  • Black-Eyed Sue

  • Short Eddie\Ed Higgins

    • chef at the overlook lodge
  • Big Mo\Maureen Higgins

    • chef at the overlook lodge
  • Hardman Sam

Chapter Summary


Danny aged 8 still see the ghost, Mrs Massy, from room 237. His mum Wendy also see her. Dick turns up, gifts Danny a lock box and tells him how lock "ghosts". He does this with Mrs Massy. While Dick is with Danny he recounts how he was sexually abused by his his grampa, Black Grampa. He came back to haunt Dick and he had to lock him away in a box.


Andi picks up a businessman in a bar, they go to the cinema where she put him to sleep with just her voice, robs him and carves VV in his check. She is taken by Rose, Barry & Grampa Flick and initiated into True Knot by inhaling steam. After her and Rose make love but Rose tells her its only this once.


Danny now older (late 20s, 30s?) has picked up Deenie in a bar, he can't remember much due to alcohol and coke that he bought. He pieces the night together, scraped knuckles, bruised shoulder, buying coke from someone in crummy toilet. He see's another ghost while seeing the dealer. He wakes the next morning in Deenie's apartment having spent nearly all $500. Her son, Tommy walks into the lounge while Danny is taking $70 from her purse. Tommy nearly eats some of the remaining coke but Danny stops him. Danny notices Tommy is bruised from either Deenie or Randy (her brother). Danny takes Tommy to the bedroom where Deenie is still asleep. Before Danny leaves he moves the coke and thinks about putting the money back but doesn't. Danny buys some cheap whiskey and steals a sleeping mat from a wino as he can't go back to his apartment due to over due rent and the fight. He gets drunk to forget about stealing the money and Tommy. The next day he manages to collect some of his stuff from his apartment and skips town, first to update New York then Massachusetts

Welcome To Teenytown

Danny gets off the bus at Fraizer on a wim, there he meets Billy Freeman maintenance man for Teenytown. Billy has a bit of the shinning and offers Danny a job but he needs to see Casey Kingsley the municipal manager. He meets Casey and offers him the job. Danny senses Casey has sexually abused one of his daughters. Danny is told not to turn up drunk or stoned for the job. He rents a room off Mrs Robertson. After his first day he's walking home and see a black top hat blowing down the street. That night he dreams of Deenie and Tommy, both of whom are dead. Tommy killed by his abusive uncle, blow to the head. Deenie committed suicide later taking an overdose and drowning in the bath. She's not bitter to Danny and warns him to stay away from the woman in the black top hat. The next night he has another dream and see's redrum written in the mirror. The next morning he goes to the shop and buys 3 bottles of Thunderbirds, he goes to the park where Billy see's him and suggests he speaks to Casey about his drinking. He goes to Casey office where Danny says he needs help.

Bad Numbers

We meet, Lucy and Dave their daughter Abra has just been born. Chetta, Lucy's mother is a religious and superstitious person. Danny starts AA, Casey is his sponsor and makes it very clear Danny is not to skip any meetings or he's out. Danny writes the name ABRA in his meeting book. Lucy has a dream Abra was crying when she found her Abra had the number 11 written on chest in blood. Dave has a dream, a mall is on fire and Abra is on the floor with the number 175 written on chest. Abra is taken to hospital as she won't stop screaming. Doctor John arrives, their paediatrician and tells them of the first plane hitting the world trade centre. At 9.03 the second plane hits and Abra stops screaming. True Knot are aware of the the impending 9\11 attack and have rented a building for 10 days to watch the events unfold from near Sinatra park. Grampa Flick is wheelchair bound but the steam over the next few days will allow him to regain his strength.


Nearly 3 years later Danny is still sober and living in Fraizer. He's got his driving license back and has a car. At an AA meeting Doctor John recounts a story of losing his watch his wive gave him. At the end of the meeting Danny hugs Doctor John and tells him where to find the watch. The next meeting John is there with his watch. He asks Danny what he can do in return, Danny says tell no one. Dave and Chetta go to Doctor John and ask him to drop by Abras 3rd birthday party. While talking to John Dave tells him Abra can play the piano using her mind, she did this to get to sleep and various other strange occurrences. Danny moves into Rivington House as an orderly, he lives in the tower on the 3rd floor. At her birthday party she made a load of spoons hang from the ceiling in the kitchen in front of Dave, Lucy, Chetta and John. Doctor tells them not to worry and don't worry Abra about it. For John seems to be right.

Paging Doctor Sleep

During a bad storm Danny dreams he's back in at the Overlook hotel, a fire-hose turns into a snake. The phone rings, its Claudette, Charles Hayes has been visited by Azreel the house cat. Azzie knows when people are going to die and will either lie on their bed or curl up out side the room door. Danny visits Charlie who he helps peacefully pass. While holding his hand he feels Abra watching him and Azzie see her. Danny notices bruising on Charlie's arm and knows Fred Carling was responsible. On the way back to his room he confronts Fred about the bruises and tells him if he does it any other guests he'll report him then beat him up. Fred heeds the warning. Back in his room Danny can't sleep until Abra touches his hand then he drifts off.

The True Knot

True Knot travel in RVs, hiding in plain site. There were 200 of them at one point but now there's 41. They don't usually get sick but recently there have been a few colds and sniffles going round. Abra has turned 10 and Danny has been sober 10 years. Tommy the Truck, one of True Knot dies in his sleep. Heavy Mary is heart broken by this. Crow Daddy suggests Tommy might have been malnurished. Rose agreed and that night they all share a canister of steam. Little do they know Rose has been keeping quiet about how many canisters are left. After the night there are now only 2 leaving them with problems. They hit the road and in Iowa they pick up the presence of someone who has the shining. Brad is in high school and a small town baseball star. He’s not feeling very well and on the walk home Barry the Chink offers to drive him home. He’s kidnapped, driven to an abandoned ethanol factory and slowly killed that night. His steam is harvested and his body buried the next morning.

Weird Radio

Rose has felt Abra, she knows Abra is strong and has a lot of steam. But they’re going to leave her for now and harvester her stream in a few months. Danny has morning coffee with Casey, Casey wants him to get a girlfriend. He asks Danny about the work he does at Rivington House, Danny skirts the subject by saying he listens and talks to those who are dying. Casey also knows there’s a secret Danny isn’t sharing about his past and feels it might jeopardise his sobriety. Danny doesn’t want to discuss Deenie and Tommy. Abra leaves messages on Danny’s blackboard in his room and Danny knows Tony his invisible friend is helping Abra. The local library is holding a book sale and Abra finally finds out Tony's dad's name, Danny. She's tells her mum who decides not to tell Dave. Danny grabs a couple of coffees and heads over to see Billy, as he approaches he sees flies on Billy's face. Only a few though which usually means there is hope for the person. Danny drags Billy to Casey and inisists Billy goes to the hospital. Casey agrees and Danny calls in a favour from John, John puts them in touch with a friend who suspects Billy has an aneurysm. The tests come back positive and is scheduled for an op the following day. On the way home Danny nearly falls off the wagon, he stops at a bar. Before getting out he thinks of callign Casey but thinks he'll be asked about the conversation earlier. Deenie and Tommy, so Danny callls John instead who tells him not ot drink and the bar is a dump. Danny leaves with out having a drink. Back at Rivington house, Arba has left a message on the chalk board and Azzie has been visiting 2 guests. Mr Cameron and Mr Murry, Danny decides to see My Cameron.

Have You Seen Me

Chetta falls at home and breaks a hip, while in hospital she is diagnoised with cancer and declines treatment. Being 97 she says she's had a good life and doesn't want to waste whats left on drugs and chemo. Abra knows she has cancer before being told. The family are split, while Lucy helps to look after Chetta now she's out of hospital, Dave is at home writing a book. Abra spends her time between the 2. While at home with Dave, she helps out round the house. One day bringing the mail a local paper has a page of missing kids. One of them is Brad, Abra knows about him and what happen. She touches the picture and races into Rose's head. She see a supermarket and Rose attempts to reach back and touch Abra. Abra yells "get out of my head" and the connection is cut, Rose stumbles and knocks over some cans in the supermarket. She's never felt such power. She calls Crow and say they much get the child. Not to initiate but for the steam. There's no way Rose would let someone with Abra's power into True Knot. Then she hits on the idea of keeping her alive to have a steady supply of steam. Although she doesn't know how to do it. As the connection is cut by Abra a huge shockwave is trigger and the locals in Abra's town believe it is a earthquake. They hold a earthquake bbq. Arba's asks to leave and goes to her room, there she sees Rose floating at her window. Scared Abra asks Tony for help.

Abra's Theory of Relativity

While Danny is putting the train away he has an episode. When Abra reaches out to him he blacked out, Billy helps Danny to a bench and asks him what’s wrong. Danny is not forth coming, Billy wants to know if it’s about him and Danny says it’s not. He heads home and when he gets there an email address is on the blackboard. It’s Abra’s. They arrange to meet and they talk about Rose and what happened with Brad. Abra tells Danny that if she had the baseball mitt he was buried with she could find out more about who is they are. They leave and when Danny gets home on the board is a picture of the baseball mitt from Abra. Danny remembers a dream when he first arrived to Fraizer a top hat blowing up the road and Deenie telling him the woman in the top hat will eat him and to stay away. A page comes through for doctor sleep from the home.

The Voice Of Our Dead Friends

Danny decides to track down Dick to find some answers. While he’s comforting Mrs Ouellette before she dies Dick takes over her body. Danny ask Dick about Abra and the people that are trying to find her. Dick calls them empty devils and they’re terrible people. Danny must do everything he can to protect Abra. Meanwhile True Knot have tracked Abra down to a handful of locations based on what Rose saw. Lickety-Spliff and the mountains in the background. Looking at a knock off google earth Rose has picked 3 locations that she’s sure it is. Meanwhile Danny has decided to enlist some help from Doctor John and Billy to help Abra. Abra tells him he can speak to John but not her parents. Danny asks for time off work.

Glass Ornaments

Chetta falls down in the night while trying to get to the toilet and shatters her left arm. Lucy is looking after her calls the ambulance which takes forever to arrive. When it finally does and takes Chetta to hospital Lucy decides to move Chetta into a home. The nearest one, Helen Rivington House. Rose is planning on sneaking into Abra's dreams in the middle of the night. To do this she needs to be mediate for several hours, she tells True Knot she mustn't be disturbed but first Crow and Nut then Jimmy have to speak to her. Crow & Nut have found a drug that they think will keep her sedated. She tells them to sort it, Crow also mentions that they think Grampa is dying. Jimmy brings news that will help find Arba, a news article about the "earthquake". Danny enlists the help of John and Billy. Before going to sleep Sunday Abra set an "alarm", that night Rose finds Abra and trys to get some more information about her. But while going through the filing cabinates in her head, one springs shut and traps her hand. At this point Abra appears on a horse with a lance, Rose manages get her hand out but in the confusion Abra starting gathering information on Rose instead. Rose manages to kick her out but doesn't know what she found out. Rose's hand is cut and bruised from the injury, she walks out of her RV. Crow appears to tell her Grampa is dying.

Thome 25

Grampa Flick dies and True Knot mourn for 2 days instead of the usual 5 as they have other business with Abra. Danny and John head out to New Hampshire to find the baseball mitt for Abra. In the car Danny tell John what happened at the Overlook hotel. They locate the abandoned ethanol works, Danny makes contact with Abra who leads him to the spot where Bra is buried. The dig down and find the glove. Chetta is nearly released from hospital to move to the Rivington House. Crow, Barry, Andi & Jimmy head off to track down Abra. Abra comes downstairs one morning tell her father she can still shine and she's in trouble with some bad people.

They Call It Steam

John and Danny head to Abra's house where Dave is extremely angry. They manage to calm him down and Abra trys on the glove. She recalls, Barry is the chink not chunk There's 3 or 4 others with him and Barry is sick, he has measles. She tells of a camp ground they're coming from Bluebell\Bluebird camp ground, in Sideinder. Danny of course remembers the Overlook hotel. Jimmy has narrowed down the search even more, to 3 girls (including Abra) all live on the same street. Danny starts to think of a plan, he want's to know if they can reserve the train tomorrow for a picnic at cloud gap.

Cloud Gap

Crow picks up the drugs from EZ Mail and they continue on their way. Danny and Abra have put their plan into action. Dave and Danny are at the front of the train, John at the rear. Abra is projecting herself to Danny, pretending to be there while she's at her friends house. In his weakened state Barry thinks Abra is on the train. The True Knot group make a quick stop at Anniston to fill up then head on their way. Barry dies on the way to Cloud Gap. At the picnic area Danny, John and Billy get setup, waiting to ambush True Knot. They turn up and Danny tells them Abra is not here. Andi put Danny to sleep but just before his goes under Abra yells at him and he comes to. Danny and Dave start shooting, Dave hits Walnut in the neck. Danny hits Billy in the chest. Andi starts running towards Dave, Danny can't shoot at her incase he hits Dave. John comes running out the wood and smashed her skull in with the butt of his gun. Now Danny realises Crow is missing. He grabs Andi by her broken jaw to find out where he is, she tells him they let him off in Anniston. Meanwhile Abra has left Emma's house and is heading home, not knowing she's in trouble. Danny can't touch Billy who was left in Anniston to keep watch over Abra. They have to get to Anniston and fast.


Crow first knocks out Billy then enter the Stone’s house and gets Abra. Crow starts heading west in Billy’s truck with them both. He calls True Knot who help him find back roads and send someone out to meet him. Abra comes to in the truck and Crow threatens to kill Billy if she does anything n stupid. They stop at a gas station for fuel; drinks and Abra pees. They go on.


Back at Cloud Gap Danny, John and Dave are concerned for Abra. Dave blames Danny for all this. John tells him they would have come regardless. Danny get a flash back to the boxes in his head where he’s locked away Mrs Massy and thinks “You will remember what was forgotten”. He thinks of the boiler at overlook that needs to be tapped every day or it will explode. Danny knows Abra has been taken. They get back to the Stone’s house and see Abra’s backpack. Danny tells Dave to call Lucy and they’re all going to Boston. Bit him and John have other business to take care of. Danny takes control of Abra and forces Crow to slowly bring the truck to the side of the road. There they wrestle over the gun. Billy wakes up and knocks both Crow and Abra with his arms as he does. Eventually Abra wins the mental fight and the gun turns to Crow and kills him. Rose goes ballistic; calls all remaining true knot members together. Abra\Danny manage to drive to truck away to a safe area were Billy manages to pull himself together. Danny leaves Abra’s body and Billy drives to a motel. Before falling a sleep they call Danny on a cell and Abra speaks to Dave. Rose takes a load of steam and snaps the stealing wheel in half in her Winnebago.

The Which Was Forgotten

Abra tells Dan she's fine. Dan, John head to the hospital to see Chetta. The orderly tell them she doesn't have long left. Dan goes into her room alone and holds her hand. She's in a coma but Wales when dan starts to shine. Luck and Dave get to the hospital and Lucy is furious. Dan reveals her and Lucy are half brother and sister. Paternal. They agree to head to Chetta’s house and get 3 hours sleep. At 3am dan and Lucy wake and talk, dan fills her in on the shining. Abra leaves a message in spilt sugar she's OK. True Knot have split, numerous members left after Rose gave them an ultimatum. Steamhead Steve, baba the Russian, pea and pod, sweet Terri Pickford. Big Mo had asked to go but she had the disease. Dirty Phil, Apron Annie, diesel Doug has left and head south.


Dan tells Abra to call the camp ground where true know are staying. She has to goad her make her angry. She calls and tells Paulie she'll call back in 5 to speak to Rose. She does, she calls rose a coward, child killer and rose does lose her tempter. They arrange to meet at a loom spot above the camp ground on their own, 5am Monday morning. After Abra hangs up rose asks for the best locator they have. Before leaving Dan goes to wash his face when he looks up, his face is covered in flies. John calls to Dan they need to leave.

Going West

The group slips up, Dan and Billy head west to the overlook and Abra and her family head back east. Dan and Abra do the visual swapping again to fool true knot. Now the best trackers are dead Token Charlie is the next best. He finds Abra and see the Rocky Mountains. He reports to Rose she's on the way. Dan and Billy stop in Martinville to get some kids cloths and food. While in Martinville dan recalls how he used to live here and his dad drank in a bar called the broken drum. They leave and head to the Rockies.

Ghostie People

Abra sits in the garden at home and tells her parents and John no matter what do not talk or touch me once this starts. Billy and Dan arrive at the camp ground, Dan looks at the lock boxes in his mind. The 3rd one he made wasn't as good as the first 2, he's worried that once open it might kill him. At the Roof O' the World Rose has arrived with Sarah, she tells Sarah to hide in a shed and stay hidden, that's her talent. If Rose calls on her use the sickle and kill Abra. Dan gets out of the truck and starts hobbling\walking to Roof O' the World. Billy goes to the back of the truck and takes out a mannequin, it has a blonde wig. He straps it into the passenger seat and think from a distance it could look like Abra. Abra joins Dan in his old small room in the Overlook. Abra is scared what's in Dan, a monster. Billy's truck pulls into the car park, Rose can she it from her vantage point. She see a blonde girl in the front too but wishes she'd brought some binoculars. Billy gets out the truck as planned and walks round but Rose senses something it wrong. Abra and Dan move into the room where the rest of true knot are, they're busy watching Billy. Once in there Dan opens the 3rd lock box, Chetta is exhaled in a pink\dark red mist. True Knot breath in the dead mist of Chetta, already weakened by measles the start to die almost immediately. Rose feels the pain and is furious, Rose locates Dan and pours her fury into him.

Hub Of The Wheel, Roof O' World

Dan comes to and is in an apartment, he realises it's Deenie's. He looks round and instead of Deenie is Rose. Danny starts choking Rose, red fury in his mind. Billy drives his truck into the base of the lookout and knocks Rose over. In that moment Dan realises he's not choking Rose, it's Abra. He releases his hands, Abra tells Dan he has one hell of a tempt. Dan tells her to get back to New Hampshire, he'll finish this. Abra tells him they're finishing this together. They focus their attention on Rose still at the top of the look out tower. Dan thinks she's trying to district them from something. Abra breaks open the padlock on the shed but there's no one there. For a moment Dan think he senses something there. Dan tells Billy to walk to the lodge. Dan and Abra start walking to the top of the Roof O' the World, this puts the shed at their back. Abra has to leave, when she's back in the garden her mum asks if they're bruises on her neck. Abra tells her to stay there, she needs to get back for Dan. Rose utters the code word for Sarah to use the sickle, as she turns something grabs her wrist. Looking up she sees Horace Derwent. She screams and drive the sickle into his head but there's no blood. He starts to strangle her. Rose now understands its just her. She needs to take care of Dan before Abra comes back. She turns Dan's on himself and tries to strangle him. He's trying with all his might to stop it. Something hits Rose like a gust of wind, enough to break her concentration. She turns back to Dan and Abra is standing there. Abra pushed Rose towards the edge of the tower, she feels the railing in her back. With one final push Abra pushes Rose from the tower. Rose cycles out. Abra back in New Hampshire tells her family its over. Dan goes to the truck and find some lighter fuel and a zippo. He sets fire to Rose's hat.


Dan goes to AA and get his 15 year chip, there he finally tells his big secret about stealing money from Deenie.

Until You Sleep

2018 Books Read

Number Title Author
1 Making the Monster Kathryn Harkup
2 Smuggling in the British Isles a history Richard Platt
3 Spy Catcher Peter Wright
4 A Street Cat Named Bob James Bowen
5 The World According to Bob James Bowen
6 Bright Lights, Big City Jay McInerney
7 A Rumor Of War Philip Caputo
8 Neuromancer William Gibson
9 My Friend Leonard James Frey
10 Alan Partridge: Nomad Alan Partridge
11 The Stranger Harlan Coben
12 Patrick Robertson: A Tale of Adventure Brian Hennigan

Moving to Rawtherapee

Since starting photography I've been using Dark Table to edit, catalogue and tag my pictures. Dark Table isn't the easiest tool to use, it has some quirks but in the 18 months I've been using it I've mostly got used to these. The odd way navigating to filters works, using the scroll wheel to move up and down the filter list is frustrating, the app window doesn't fit on the Mac Book 13" so you have to drag the window round when wanting to performing certain actions.

With all this I've decided to move over to RawTherapee for image manipulation and Digikam for cataloguing and tagging. I've not really looked at Digikam yet but I'm hopefully that any tags I've added via Dark Table are not part of the sidecar file but written to the image file itself.

I now need to learn RawTherapee, it should be a little easier than Dark Table. I have a decent understanding of photo editing, I just need to learn RawThrerapee itself.


Currently reading Feral by George Monbiot, very interesting read about rewilding the UK. The last few months I've been more and more interested in moving back in to an environmental role or at least volunteering locally to assist with green issues. I'd like to help with tree planting but so far I've not been able to find anything local. Its all Scotland or South Wales, neither of which are exactly on the door step. I suppose its quite a niche activity at the moment so the chances of me finding something local was going to be slim. There are a couple of local green initiative groups that I'm going to mail and see if I can help out and while its not the area I want to be involved with its a good start.

Books Read

# Title Author Page Count Comment Start Date End Date Type
1 The Big Sleep Raymond Chandler 231 EB
2 Breakfast at Tiffany's Truman Capote 142 EB
3 Less Than Zero Bret Easton Ellis 208 EB
4 The Black Dahlia James Ellroy 348 EB
5 Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas Hunter S Thompson 204 Favourite book, love it PB
6 The Catcher In The Rye J D Salinger 277 awful, dull and uninteresting PB
7 The Outsider Albert Camus 119 PB
8 Post Office: A Novel Charles Bukowski 162 EB
9 Farewell, My Lovely Raymond Chandler 292 EB
10 The High Window Raymond Chandler 265 EB
11 Exquisite Corpse Poppy Z Brite 240 terrible, probably the worse book I'll read this year EB
12 Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup John Carreyrou 339 fascinating, one of the best books I've read this year AB
13 Carrie Stephen King 253 AB
14 Crux Ramez Naam 624 AB
15 Pet Sematary Stephen King 580 AB
16 I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer Michelle McNamara 352 AB
17 Bird box Josh Malerman 262 AB
18 The Girl on The Train Paula Hawkins 323 AB
19 Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury 194 didn't like this at all, found it slow and ponderous EB
20 11-22-63 Stephen King 849 really enjoyed it but very long, found it a struggle to keep going at times AB
21 The Shining Stephen King 659 AB
22 Scrappy Little Nobody Anna Kendrick 275 AB
23 The Lady in the Lake Raymond Chandler 266 think this is my favourite Chandler book EB
24 Countdown to Zero Day Kim Zetter 406 AB
25 The Little Sister Raymond Chandler 250 EB
26 Apex Ramez Naam 608 AB
27 The Long Goodbye Raymond Chandler 379 EB
28 Playback Raymond Chandler 176 EB
29 Metro 2034 Dmitry Glukhovsky 526 AB
30 Alaskan Retreater’s Notebook Ray Ordorica 248 half manual half memoir, enjoyable and made me realise that I could never live in Alaska AB
31 Frankenstein Mary Shelley 288 finally got round to reading it, amazing how much has been lost and twisted over the years PB
32 The Haunting of Hill house Shirley Jackson 208 AB
33 The Big Nowhere James Ellroy 472 OK, found it heavy going with the political side EB
34 Ring Koji Suzuki 282 EB
35 Spiral Koji Suzuki 283 EB
36 Loop Koji Suzuki 283 doesn't fit with the first 2 books, disappointing EB
37 Metro 2035 Dmitry Glukhovsky 497 AB
38 God Save Texas Lawrence Wright 329 PB
39 A Killing Winter Tom Callaghan 312 PB
40 Fishbowl Bradley Somer 304 trashy holiday read was OK PB
41 Stalin’s Meteorologist Olivier Rolin 192 HB
42 Foley is Good Mick Foley 592 PB
43 Blood River Tim Butcher 363 PB
44 The Tobacconist Robert Seethaler 234 19/07/19 22/07/19 PB
45 A Spring Betrayal Tim Callaghan 320 23/07/19 26/07/19 PB
46 Manual for Survival Kate Brown 432 fascinating book regarding the aftermath of Chernobyl for the locals that lived in the fallout zone. cover ups and lies from both the Russians and other countries to hide the true cost 27/07/19 01/08/19 PB
47 Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson 311 Might be too old for this but didn't feel engaged with the characters. Glad I read it though. 30/07/19 01/08/19 PB
48 Feral George Monbiot 256 03/08/19 07/08/19 PB
49 Glamorama Bret Easton Ellis 546 Weird, its Ellis of course it is. Bit too long and a bit too weird for me 08/08/19 19/08/19 EB
50 Site Reliability Engineering Betsy Beyer, Chris Jones, Jennifer Petoff and Niall Richard Murphy 552 some parts were relevant and interesting others not so much 07/08/19 20/08/19 EB
51 World War Z Max Brooks 342 Poor, no over all story arc 20/08/19 27/08/19 EB
52 American Prison Shane Bauer 318 Eye opening, great read 21/08/19 28/08/19 AB
53 Crash J.G. Ballard 224 27/08/19 29/08/19 EB
54 Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Stephen King 231 Not my thing at all, I won't be bothering with the rest of the series 30/08/19 01/10/19 AB
55 Alien III William Gibson very short, definitely prefer this version over the 3rd movie 28/08/19 28/08/19 AB
56 Imperial Bedrooms Bret Easton Ellis 256 good read 01/09/19 04/09/19 EB
57 The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams 193 classic 04/09/19 10/09/19 EB
58 The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe Douglas Adams 250 still classic 10/09/19 15/09/18 EB
59 The Lost Night Andrea Bartz 314 Great, really enjoyed it. Similar feel to A Girl on the train 15/09/19 17/09/19 EB
60 Semicolon: The Past, Present, and Future of a Misunderstood Mark Cecelia Watson 213 not idea why I read this, the history of the semicolon and how to use it. It was quite interesting 17/09/19 19/09/19 EB
61 Deep Work Cal Newport 304 wasn't aware this was by Cal Newport otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. I find him condescending and conflicting 19/09/09 23/09/19 EB
62 Requiem for a Dream Hubert Selby Jr. 279 bleak, heartbreaking, awful. couldn't put it down 20/09/19 25/09/19 EB
63 L.A. Confidential James Ellroy 496 best out of the LA quartet so far, a bit frenetic at the end but really enjoyed it 26/09/19 03/10/19 EB
64 Next Michael Crichton 495 utter throwaway nonsense. characters are laughable and full of cliche. having said that I couldn't put it down 04/10/19 08/10/19 PB
65 Doctor Sleep Stephen King 499 really enjoyed this, had enough of the previous novel there to tie in but took the story in a different direction. 08/10/19 17/10/19 PB
66 Shadowplay Tim Marshall 294 a view of the wars in the Balkans, Europes last war. Interesting read 18/10/19 26/10/19 PB
67 Diary Chuck Palahniuk 262 strange, is all his stuff like this? 26/10/19 30/10/19 EB
68 White Jazz James Ellroy 368 Couldn't get into it at all, the style of writing was jaring and diffiucult to follow 31/10/19 09/11/19 EB
69 The Cockroach Ian McEwan 100 satire on Brexit but ultimately leaves hanging for why? why do the cockraoches want this, maybe thats the point 10/11/19 11/11/19 PB
70 Snuff Chuck Palahniuk 208 yes, all his writting is weird. this is better than Diary but thats not saying much. The twist was flat and in the nothing really happens 11/11/19 13/11/19 EB
71 Jaws Peter Benchley 320 prefered the movie, more terror 11/11/19 13/11/19 AB
72 American Predator: The Hunt for the Most Meticulous Serial Killer of the 21st Century Maureen Callahan 285 Terrifying account of Israel Keyes and his crimes 13/11/19 16/11/19 EB
73 Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan Jake Adelstein 335 bit self indulgent 13/11/19 02/12/19 AB
74 Drive - Expanse Series James S A Corey 30 short novella thats tells of Solomon love for Caitlan and development of the Epstein drive. Assume this will make more sense when I get further into the series 16/11/19 16/11/19 EB
75 My Lovely Wife Samantha Downing 374 enjoyable, thought a twit was coming but not that. the ending felt a little flat and wrapped up a bit too quickly 16/11/19 17/11/19 EB
76 A Summer Revenge Tim Callaghan 336 think this is the weakest out of the series so far 17/11/19 18/11/19 EB
77 Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail Hunter S Thompson 481 The only book I’d consider reading about a presidential race. It’s has almost no politics in it 18/11/19 06/01/20 EB
78 Invisible Monsters Chuck Palahniuk 297 Fucked up, probbaly the most fucked thing I've ever read. Not sure what to make of it, it was enjoyable and obvioulsly didn't see the twist coming. Think I need a break from Chuck 20/11/19 21/11/19 EB
79 The Churn - Expanse Series James S A Corey 57 enjoyable novella, wants me to get stuck into the main books 21/11/19 22/11/19 EB
80 The Butcher of Anderson - Expanse series James S A Corey 40 getting into this now 22/11/19 22/11/19 EB
81 Leviathan Awakes - Expanse Series James S A Corey 561 enjoyed immensely until the last 50 pages, absolute BS ending 22/11/19 28/11/19 EB
82 Caliban's War - Expanse Series James S A Corey 595 took a while for me to get into this one was ok in the end. think I need a break from the series 28/11/19 11/12/19 EB
83 AWOL on the Appalachian Trail David Miller 222 enjoyable, makes me want to get out on the trails 03/12/19 10/12/19 AB
84 The Demon Hubert Selby Jr. 312 American Psycho vibe to this, definitely the inspriation for Patrick. another ride to the darkside of humanity by Hubert. 11/12/19 17/12/19 EB
85 The first 90 days Michael D Watkins 17/12/19 EB
86 Am Autumn Hunting Tom Callaghan 324 finished off the series nicely 21/12/19 26/12/19 PB
87 The Wall John Lanchester 276 never really got going, the main character is shallow and the plot jumps about 27/12/19 29/12/19 PB
88 Black Klansman Ron Stallworth 190 incredible account of Ron, a black man infiltrating the KKK 29/12/19 01/02/20 PB
89 God of Risks - Expanse Series James S A Corey 76 getting a bit bored of expanse now, need to give it a good break 02/01/20 03/01/20 EB
90 In Cold Blood Truman Capote 02/01/20 EB
91 Good Omens Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman 410 first thing I've read by either Gaiman or Pratchett, really good, weird and found it hard to keep track of what was going on 06/01/20 12/01/20 HB
92 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the nighttime Mark Haddon 268 not what I expected at all, decent enough not sure why all the accolades 12/01/20 16/01/20 PB
93 Warm Bodies Isaac Marion 239 awful 16/01/20 20/01/20 PB
94 The cabin at the end of the world Paul Tremblay 272 Enjoyed the opening 50-60 pages then it went a bit sideways 20/01/20 25/01/20 EB
95 Survivor: A Novel Chuck Palahniuk 25/01/20


Attempting to read 52 books this year, one of the few new years resolutions I've managed to even get close to sticking to. Having said that this month I've only read 2 books so if I want to get to my target I'm gonna need to pick up my pace again. Just need to find interesting books to read. I've got stuck in a rut reading the same genre and I'm a little bored by it. Need to mix it up a bit.