Vox Christi

Anonymous postings of one awakened to Christ-consciousness. Please forgive me for not introducing myself; it is not about the messenger, but about the Message. I am a Christian Mystic and my purpose is to share inspiration about following Jesus. The path of redemption from a limited mortal existence, to a spiritual awakening to Unlimited Immortal Beingness. Using the Bible and related scripture, personal experiences, and inspiration received through prayer. Walking by God’s Grace, inspired by His Voice, inviting everyone to join in the Great Awakening. Witnessing signs and wonders by doing the things that Jesus did. Following Jesus through His resurrection and ascension. Keywords: Christian, Christianity, Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Revival, Mystical Christianity, Divine Guidance, Miracles, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Healing, Resurrection, Ascension.

You Are Not Alone

Faith, Trust and Knowing

Where are you with Christianity? What experiences do you have, and what does it mean “in daily life” for you to be a Christian? And are you seeing the promises of Jesus being fulfilled in you, through you? Are you living a miraculous life?

It all starts with faith. Take a leap of faith, and acknowledge that all of this stuff which is taught about Jesus, the miracles, the salvation, the healing, the Glory of God Who loves His Children, may actually be true.

Then you can move to trust when you see your prayers are indeed answered. When you pray for guidance and receive it, when you pray for healing and people get well, when you invite Jesus in your heart, and you experience a peace that is not of this world.

The final stage is knowing. When you know Jesus lives in your heart, and that you are a Child of God, and God loves you, then you are in the knowing. This is the stage of revelation, of resurrection, and finally ascension. Hallelujah! Nothing is impossible with God.

I Am in God's Hands

“I Am in God’s Hands, always and forever. He helps me, loves me and guides me in every moment, in every heartbeat. There is no need to worry, or to lose my peace over circumstances, because God is in control. He is pouring His Grace out over me, and shining His Light on my path, because He loves me and always will. I have every reason to be happy and grateful, blessed by Our Father’s Love. And this is true for all of God’s Children, so this is true for you as well. YAY!”

Ebook - Brother Lawrence - The Practice of the Presence of God

Years ago, I stumbled across a beautiful ebook based on letters written by a very devoted monk.

"Brother Lawrence, a seventeenth-century French monk, learned to practice the presence of God at all times. And you can, too. Here in one volume are two classic works by Brother Lawrence. Each book reveals how to practice God's presence and see His glory in every facet of your life."

I encourage you to check out this free ebook, as it will turn those who practice this into Christians who have experiences with the Presence of God. This is one of those guides which can help to bring Christianity alive, for those who read it and practice it. And it is free, so what do you have to lose? God bless you.

The Practice of the Presence of God with Spiritual Maxims 

Todd White's Testimony

Through watching the documentary "The Finger of God," I became curious about those we were preaching the gospel and healing in such a radical way. And one of those Christian healers and preachers is Todd White.

Rather than writing a lot about Todd White, I encourage you to watch his testimony. Highly inspiring material, I believe that this is something every Christian should see. It shows that it is true that you are welcome to the table as you are, as the Bible says, or that God takes you where you are, as A Course In Miracles says.

"Todd White was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years. In 2004 he was radically and miraculously set free when a gun fired at him and he should have died but instead heard God speak to his heart, “I took that bullet for you, now are you ready to live for me?”"


Christian Contemplations

One of the ancient practices of Christianity is to take one sentence, and to contemplate this for a longer time. Joel Goldsmith, the famous Christian Mystic, used to contemplate like this on sentences for days, for weeks even.

One sentence which I am contemplating at the moment is, “Your Grace is enough for me.” The world can offer temporary joy, but Our Heavenly Father has gifts for us which are eternal. God’s Grace makes everyone who opens up for it happy.

“Your Grace is enough for me.” Father, help me to let go of any temptations in the world, and to truly know that Your Grace is enough for me. Contemplating on this, or any sentence which truly inspires you, can cause a miraculous shift in your mind. Blessings to you.

Infallible or Fallible?

I am often confronted by Christians who tell me the Bible is the infallible word of God. The Bible, according to these Christians, is perfect, word for word. And I have great difficulty believing this.

For me, the Bible is a great work of inspiration, and the accounts of Jesus’ Ministry are amazing. The Gospel is truly the good news. Yet the Bible is written by man, and therefore prone to errors and mistakes.

The Holy Trinity is perfect, and it is human to err. The Bible even contradicts itself, so it is not hard to argue this. Take the animal that Jesus rode into Jerusalem. Was this a colt or a donkey? Or two animals? The different gospels give different accounts.

To me, it does not make sense to use the Bible as if it is all written in stone, considering all the different versions, plus the fact that human error always creeps in with works like these. Rather, read the Bible with an open heart.

When reading the Bible while in prayer, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can communicate with you, enlighten you, and guide you. And you will know what God’s Will is for you, and how you can serve God’s Plan for the salvation of His Children. Hallelujah!

Limited or Unlimited?

We are asked to heal, to perform miracles, and to proclaim that the Kingdom of God is at hand. What should we do when we doubt whether we are really up to this task? How do we find the faith and courage to rise to this challenge?

The main thing to understand is that it is the Christ in us which is doing all the "work." When we do these things, we allow God's Grace to move through us, and He will direct our actions, through His many Helpers.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Philippians 4:13, KJV) ALL THINGS. So no limits. The Christ that lives in us can do anything which we are asked to do, in harmony with the Will of God.

Let go of any doubt or fear you have related to doing miracles, to heal, and being a Minister of God. Pray, and call upon the Christ in you to come forth, and do the works. Then you will know what it is to be unlimited. Hallelujah!

Ebook - Christianity 101

I am happy to announce the first ebook I have written under the name of Vox Christi. It has certainly inspired me to write this ebook, and I hope it will inspire many to read it. If you are curious about this short yet powerful ebook, check it out:

Christianity 101 - The Essence of Jesus' Message in Ten Bible Quotes

The Brand-New Testament

Most Christians are familiar with the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is a collection of stories about a vengeful God, Who punishes those who are out of line, severely.

The New Testament is different. Jesus, our Savior, makes it clear to us that God is not a vengeful God, but a loving God. Through stories like “the prodigal son” and other scripture, we receive the message that our God is a loving Father, Who wants us to come Home.

Besides these two testaments, there are many other Christian books, modern scripture if you like, which refer to mystical Christianity, as it is revealed to individuals. Books like the Aquarian Gospel, Urantia, and A Course In Miracles.

To me, it makes sense that we receive these messages, this scripture. Why would Jesus and the Holy Spirit stop talking to us? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Jesus still wants us to follow Him to Our Father’s Home.

The scripture which I love the most is also called “the brand-new testament” by some, because it is a very inspiring book, which I believe is channeled to us by Jesus. This book is called, “A Course In Miracles.”

I know there is a lot of debate and controversy about any Christian scripture and messages which we have received after the Bible is finished. Yet I want to encourage you to read this book with an open heart and see what it does for you.

Maybe you will, just like me, conclude or feel that this is an authentic Divine Message, that it is really Jesus speaking to us about how we can join Him in reaching full Christ consciousness. So please check it out and make up your own mind: free online version of A Course In Miracles. Blessings to you!

About Christian Universalism

One thing that has always baffled me about Christianity, is that there are many Christians who say on the one hand, “God is Love,” and who say on the other hand, that this same God will send you to hell for eternity if you make a serious mistake.

The way many well-meaning Christians present “the Christian life” is that we have one human life, in which we have two choices. We either submit perfectly to Jesus, our Savior, and go to Heaven forever. Or we don’t do this, and we go to hell forever.

Imagine that! How could a loving God send His Children to hell forever if they make one or more stupid choices? What is loving about that? Are not these two wholly irreconcilable concepts, “God is Love” and “going to hell forever?”

There are those in the Christian churches who have intuitively grasped that this cannot be true, and who have adopted the concept of Christian Universalism instead, also based on scripture. What exactly do those people believe?

“We believe in the full and final triumph of the grace of God over the powers of sin and death: That the mercy and forgiveness of God are victorious, that this victory of redemption is revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and that, therefore, no human being will be condemned or allowed to suffer pain and separation forever.” Source: https://christianuniversalist.org/beliefs/

Love will triumph over fear. Light will shine away the darkness. God is the Almighty. And none of our fears will change that. This is what I believe as well. If God is Love, and I believe He is, this is the only explanation that makes sense to me. Thank You, Father!

Christianity - Questions & Answers

I would just like to let you know I am happy to answer any questions you may have about Christianity, about following Jesus, about awakening to Christ Consciousness.

When you ask a question, I may share the question and my answer on this blog, anonymously, because it may be interesting and inspiring to more people. If I do this, I will do this anonymously.

So if you have a question, please mail to voxchristi@protonmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a blessed day!

The Two Identities

The Bible clearly talks about two identities, about two options we can choose to identify with. “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” (1 John 4:4, KJV).

“He that is in you...” refers to the Christ in you, the hope of Glory. The same Spirit that rose Jesus from the grave lives in you. “He that is in the world...” refers to the man of flesh and blood. The Christ Identity versus the human identity.

What is interesting is that this is what Christianity has in common with Hinduism and Buddhism. Hindus talk about the “self” and the “Higher Self.” Buddhists talk about the “false self” and the “True Self.” I believe this is the same principle.

I believe that the path of Christianity is to let go of the human identity and to let the Divine Identity come forward. To come to pure Christ Consciousness, whereby the body is only used as a channel for healing, for miracles, for preaching, for Love.

God is Love. He has created us all in His Likeness. That means that we are, in essence, all Spiritual Beings. And we are on the exciting path of remembering just that! God has given us all the help and helpers to follow this path all the way. Thank You, Father!

Always Love, Helped, and Guided

I pray every day to help me stay in touch with what is truly important, to receive guidance, and because it makes me feel happy. I sometimes use prayers which I read in Christian scripture, often use personal prayers, and sometimes prayers are even given to me by Divine Guidance.

Like a while ago, when I was pondering some challenges which I was facing. In a moment of silence, suddenly I received the following prayer: “Let me remember that I am always loved, helped, and guided.” Wow! I was happily surprised, and felt truly blessed, for having received this prayer.

Of course, this is true, and this is a beautiful way to interrupt a negative stream of thoughts, or a moment of worry coming up in my mind. Because I AM loved. I AM helped. I AM guided. Just like you. God loves His Children, and won’t leave them comfortless. He will always provide what is needed, when it is needed.

I encourage you to use this prayer, too. See if you like it. It was not given to me as something private, something I should keep for myself. Like all God’s gifts, it was meant to be shared. If you experience any turmoil in your mind, why don’t you close your eyes for a moment, and say, “Let me remember that I am always loved, helped, and guided. Amen.”

Then see what it does for you. And if you feel inspired to share what it does for you, please write something in my guest-book, so we can share the inspiration.

Have a blessed day!

About Healing in Jesus' Name

One of things which really made Jesus famous was His ability to heal, to perform miracles. The Bible is full of examples of these healings, which amazed everyone around Him. And He is asking every follower of Him to do the same.

“Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8, KJV) Jesus taught his followers to heal, to perform miracles, as a normal part of the Christian lifestyle.

I have read statements on the Internet saying that this was only meant for the direct disciples of Jesus, but that cannot be true. He clearly stated, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” (John 14:12, KJV).

So all who believe in Jesus, who want to follow Him, should heal, should perform miracles. All it takes is a mustard seed of faith, and a simple prayer, like, “Be healed, in Jesus’ Name!” I know from experience that this is enough.

I have been blessed with experiences of people healing from joint pain, headaches, mouth infection, the flue, and more, when I laid hands and prayed. When you do this, you will be used as a channel of healing, with the Divine Energy moving through you.

So if you haven’t opened up for this happening in your life, please do so. Pray on it, ask for guidance, and then just start doing it. Step forward in faith, and you too will see miraculous healings happening through you. By God’s Grace, with the help of Jesus. Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!!

The "Finger of God" Documentary

God wants to make His Presence known to us. He wants to invite us all to return Home to Him, and leave the world of pain, suffering and dying behind. And one way that He uses to make Himself known is by showering the world with miracles through His many helpers.

A great testimony to miracles in our modern age is the documentary “Finder of God.” I have watched it many times, and I love it. Miracles are not events which happened two-thousand years ago, and then suddenly stopped. The world is full of miracles!

“Born out of filmmaker Darren Wilson’s personal journey of two years and hundreds of hours of footage, Finger of God will show you a world you never knew existed. A world of hope and courage. A world where God’s fingerprints are found in the unlikeliest of places.”

Check out the trailer of this amazing documentary right here: “Finger of God.”