Always Love, Helped, and Guided

I pray every day to help me stay in touch with what is truly important, to receive guidance, and because it makes me feel happy. I sometimes use prayers which I read in Christian scripture, often use personal prayers, and sometimes prayers are even given to me by Divine Guidance.

Like a while ago, when I was pondering some challenges which I was facing. In a moment of silence, suddenly I received the following prayer: “Let me remember that I am always loved, helped, and guided.” Wow! I was happily surprised, and felt truly blessed, for having received this prayer.

Of course, this is true, and this is a beautiful way to interrupt a negative stream of thoughts, or a moment of worry coming up in my mind. Because I AM loved. I AM helped. I AM guided. Just like you. God loves His Children, and won’t leave them comfortless. He will always provide what is needed, when it is needed.

I encourage you to use this prayer, too. See if you like it. It was not given to me as something private, something I should keep for myself. Like all God’s gifts, it was meant to be shared. If you experience any turmoil in your mind, why don’t you close your eyes for a moment, and say, “Let me remember that I am always loved, helped, and guided. Amen.”

Then see what it does for you. And if you feel inspired to share what it does for you, please write something in my guest-book, so we can share the inspiration.

Have a blessed day!

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