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One thing that has always baffled me about Christianity, is that there are many Christians who say on the one hand, “God is Love,” and who say on the other hand, that this same God will send you to hell for eternity if you make a serious mistake.

The way many well-meaning Christians present “the Christian life” is that we have one human life, in which we have two choices. We either submit perfectly to Jesus, our Savior, and go to Heaven forever. Or we don’t do this, and we go to hell forever.

Imagine that! How could a loving God send His Children to hell forever if they make one or more stupid choices? What is loving about that? Are not these two wholly irreconcilable concepts, “God is Love” and “going to hell forever?”

There are those in the Christian churches who have intuitively grasped that this cannot be true, and who have adopted the concept of Christian Universalism instead, also based on scripture. What exactly do those people believe?

“We believe in the full and final triumph of the grace of God over the powers of sin and death: That the mercy and forgiveness of God are victorious, that this victory of redemption is revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and that, therefore, no human being will be condemned or allowed to suffer pain and separation forever.” Source: https://christianuniversalist.org/beliefs/

Love will triumph over fear. Light will shine away the darkness. God is the Almighty. And none of our fears will change that. This is what I believe as well. If God is Love, and I believe He is, this is the only explanation that makes sense to me. Thank You, Father!

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