The Brand-New Testament

Most Christians are familiar with the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is a collection of stories about a vengeful God, Who punishes those who are out of line, severely.

The New Testament is different. Jesus, our Savior, makes it clear to us that God is not a vengeful God, but a loving God. Through stories like “the prodigal son” and other scripture, we receive the message that our God is a loving Father, Who wants us to come Home.

Besides these two testaments, there are many other Christian books, modern scripture if you like, which refer to mystical Christianity, as it is revealed to individuals. Books like the Aquarian Gospel, Urantia, and A Course In Miracles.

To me, it makes sense that we receive these messages, this scripture. Why would Jesus and the Holy Spirit stop talking to us? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Jesus still wants us to follow Him to Our Father’s Home.

The scripture which I love the most is also called “the brand-new testament” by some, because it is a very inspiring book, which I believe is channeled to us by Jesus. This book is called, “A Course In Miracles.”

I know there is a lot of debate and controversy about any Christian scripture and messages which we have received after the Bible is finished. Yet I want to encourage you to read this book with an open heart and see what it does for you.

Maybe you will, just like me, conclude or feel that this is an authentic Divine Message, that it is really Jesus speaking to us about how we can join Him in reaching full Christ consciousness. So please check it out and make up your own mind: free online version of A Course In Miracles. Blessings to you!

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