Infallible or Fallible?

I am often confronted by Christians who tell me the Bible is the infallible word of God. The Bible, according to these Christians, is perfect, word for word. And I have great difficulty believing this.

For me, the Bible is a great work of inspiration, and the accounts of Jesus’ Ministry are amazing. The Gospel is truly the good news. Yet the Bible is written by man, and therefore prone to errors and mistakes.

The Holy Trinity is perfect, and it is human to err. The Bible even contradicts itself, so it is not hard to argue this. Take the animal that Jesus rode into Jerusalem. Was this a colt or a donkey? Or two animals? The different gospels give different accounts.

To me, it does not make sense to use the Bible as if it is all written in stone, considering all the different versions, plus the fact that human error always creeps in with works like these. Rather, read the Bible with an open heart.

When reading the Bible while in prayer, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can communicate with you, enlighten you, and guide you. And you will know what God’s Will is for you, and how you can serve God’s Plan for the salvation of His Children. Hallelujah!

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