Faith, Trust and Knowing

Where are you with Christianity? What experiences do you have, and what does it mean “in daily life” for you to be a Christian? And are you seeing the promises of Jesus being fulfilled in you, through you? Are you living a miraculous life?

It all starts with faith. Take a leap of faith, and acknowledge that all of this stuff which is taught about Jesus, the miracles, the salvation, the healing, the Glory of God Who loves His Children, may actually be true.

Then you can move to trust when you see your prayers are indeed answered. When you pray for guidance and receive it, when you pray for healing and people get well, when you invite Jesus in your heart, and you experience a peace that is not of this world.

The final stage is knowing. When you know Jesus lives in your heart, and that you are a Child of God, and God loves you, then you are in the knowing. This is the stage of revelation, of resurrection, and finally ascension. Hallelujah! Nothing is impossible with God.

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