Standard Notes: A Great Surprise


I found Standard Notes while looking for a powerful note-taking app that could serve me well for my Uni online classes. The majority of useful features are only in the Extended mode, and you have to pay, and that's too bad because I don't any money XD. But anyway it's not that expensive, so in the future(When I get a job) I will definitely be buying the Extended version. In the meantime, I'll be using Obsidian, a great note-taking app with powerful features that help organize my knowledge. In the future, I will be making a post about this amazing app.

Anyway, even tho I didn't find what I was looking for with SN with regards of a more complex note-taking system, I definitely found something unexpected and that really have motivated me to start writing consistently. I'm talking about this option for publishing your notes online, I think it's a cool way for letting go of the billion thoughts I have in my head on a daily basis that usually distracts me from my studies and the best part, it's FREE.


I'm interested in so many topics that I don't know about, but that I do want to write about. I want to use this platform for me to not just only free my thoughts from my head, but to also learn and improve my knowledge about different topics.

So I want to start writing about things that are in my domain but in need for improvements, and those things would be:

  • Speaking and writing in English.

My first language is not English, so I will write about random topics in English for me to practice. I will use the #Learning English to indicate what I'm writing about is only for me to practice the language. The goal over the long run is to increase the difficulty of the topics that I'm talking about adding new words and so on. Hmm, maybe I could make a rule that in every new post about a topic in English I would have to change 5 words from the post looking for the synonyms of those words and adding new words that I don't know. That should be interesting, we'll see.

  • Creative writing.

I overthink scenarios and daydream A LOT. There are very little things that I actually like about me, but one of the things that I feel really proud of is my imagination, and more when I listen to epic music, GOOD LORD Epic Music is the best!! It gets my mind running through different scenarios and I start feeling so many things that I can't describe. Is definitely a topic that I want to write about in the future . So anyway I want to give a proper structure to this crazy stories that seriously overwhelm me, and try to give them words. So the goal is to make an epic fiction story that interconnects throughout several timelines, that's the general idea that I have, but where to begin? I have no clue, I'll just put my crazy ideas on here and we'll see where it takes me.

I will start writing in my language, Spanish, and then, when I feel more confident, I'll start to write in English. Also I will translate the previous chapters that I've written on Spanish, I think that could be really good for improving my English, really difficult and tedious but also very beneficial. I will use #CreativeWriting for when I write about this.

  • Academic Topics

This are the posts that I think that are going to be the most difficult for me, because the goal with these topics is to expand my knowledge about different topics and I'm pretty sure I'm going to hit my knowledge limit really fast XDXD, but I also expect this to force me to expand my current domain of competency. Over the long run I want to write about politics, psychology, philosophy, geography, history, biology, physics, and let's see if I give Chemistry a chance to be in here(I don't like chemistry at all), but i'ts also true that I know nothing about chemistry so maybe I will end up liking the topic who knows? hehe, and I want to write about so many other more educational base topics.

For now, I will write only about the topics related to my Physiotherapy degree. Physiology, anatomy, Biophysics, etc...
I will start from the more easy topics for me, and then I plan to expand to more difficult unknown topics.

I will write these topics in Spanish too as I consider it to be more beneficial for me because I can only work as a Physiotherapist in my country so the majority of topics related to my career I'll write them in Spanish. However, in the future when I start to write about more non-related topics to my career I will write them both in Spanish and English.
I'll use #AcademicTopics when writing about these topics.


Even though I plan to use Obsidian for the rest of my career until I die(Yes, Obsidian is THAT PERFECT for me) I will use it only to write about more "formal" topics only oriented to my career, doing research and organizing my knowledge, and making more serious papers. I'm using Dynalist, Anki, Google Calendar and Clockify too(I'm planning to write about this apps in the future). These are the apps that I'm going to use to make sure I stay on top in my college life.

But I will also use Standard Notes and it's publishing capabilities to escape from my conservative routine and make space for some creative writing more related to my personal life. This will be my free space for truly OVERTHINK and write in an informal manner about everything I'm interested while also letting me expand my knowledge and improve my writing.

This app was truly a surprise, but a welcome one.