I enjoy almonds. They are a filling food. You eat a few and you feel good. This is very different from chips. You eat a few chips and then you need some more chips. So, you eat some more chips. After you eat some more chips, you will need just a few more, so you can feel good. So, you eat some more. But, perhaps you should really eat 7 more after that. That's it, just 7, then 6, then back to 7 one more time. Chips are salty. They make you need. They are needy food.

Some women are like this. Some men are like this. People and chips, then, are very similar and very salty. They want you to want them. This is a Cheap Trick song. It is also the story of humans and chips. When a man eats a chip, there is no better romance. The man needs the chip, the chip needs the man. The story is complete.

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