I praise the dance,
for it frees people from the heaviness
of matter
and binds the isolated to community

I praise the dance, which demands everything:
health and a clear spirit and a buoyant soul.

Dance is a transformation of space, of time,
of people,
who are in constant danger of becoming
all brain,
will, or feeling

Dancing demands a whole person,
one who is firmly anchored in the center of
of his life,
who is not obsessed by lust for people and things
and the demon of isolation in his own ego.

Dancing demands a freed person,
one who vibrates with the equipoise
of all his powers.

I praise the dance.

O man, learn to dance,
or else the angels in heaven will not know
what to do with you.

Attributed to Augustine of Hippo (354 - 430 AD)

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