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Orion's Belt

A night or two ago, I was out walking the dog and glancing up at the sky as usual. At least, as much of if it as I can see given the (sub)urban light pollution. One vista that never fails on a cloudless night even in a light-polluted city is the constellation Orion. It’s been my favorite constellation since I was kid and first learned to look up. Perhaps because it’s so easy to find. Perhaps because there’s so much of it. And while it had crossed my mind before, I wondered with a keen focus th...
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Not F-ing Tangible

One thing I haven't seen pointed out that NFTs attempt to reproduce the one thing that anti-DRM evangelists and other digital pioneers have always hated: artificial scarcity. Thing is, they fail at that too along with the other hated behavior they are merely recreating (or trying to) in a different guise: rent seeking. For a dose of extra irony, many of the true believers balk at the idea of paying for software while at the same time shilling the idea that NFTs will finally level the playing f...
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flow is happiness

"Nothing in this world feels better than flow. Nothing in this world feels worse than flow getting interrupted."-my friend Jared"Everyone hates flow interrupted, but almost no one appreciates just how good flow can be unless you are writing code or music or making art."-meMay all your flows be uninterrupted-ahx ...
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signal waveform sorcery

There is an undefinable aesthetic in place in a certain genre of experimental technoEuropean artists, many German, articulate this spacesoundtracks to cutting-edge subculturesor to a William Gibson novelA sharp-edged minimalism, taking the basics of structure and melodymodulated by the twin forces of consciousness and computationand pushing them as far as they will go without over-productionor complicationwith a visual and packaging component to matchA found vital component of a post-modern esot...
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to begin, start at the beginning

After a years-long hiatus from blogging, and an overdue exit from social media, beginning again. Refocusing personal efforts and time. Less distraction, of which there is now an overabundance raining down on us all. Writing as a component of a personal esotericism, and as a record of it. Standard Notes / Listed as the 'just right' medium. More to follow...-ahx ...
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