Hello human, my name is Aaron. I'm a nerd living in Boston focused on continuous learning, and enjoying life while working hard. Working on my #100days challenge here.
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Travel, Consumption and Happiness

Consumption and happiness is a huge discussion that I can’t breakdown completely in a short post, but to summarize consumption does not generate genuine happiness.

Travel is often lauded as a way to find happiness and I want to dissuade you of this opinion. Travel is just another form of consumption. And traveling for the sake of traveling or to create happiness is not a viable strategy. This does not mean you can not get happiness from traveling. It just means it has to come from a second order effect of traveling, mainly challenging yourself or your comfort zone, learning new things and renewing or making personal connections.

Travel is also a form of consumption that is much easier to share and flaunt on social media. When seeing this consumption and getting jealous realize that you can generate similar rewards to them without the same consumption in many other ways, though they may not fit well in a square photo.

Do the important work first

Today was a busy day at work, but it didn’t have to be. I fooled myself by doing work but not the important work. When planning your day make sure you do the important tasks first.

My "Now" Update

A lot of people with personal websites like to keep a "now" page, listing what they are up to focused on. For day #2 of #100Days here's an update that will go on www.agundy.com/now.

I'm living in Cambridge, MA, with Michelle. I'm working at Skylla Technologies as a software engineer. Outside of work I still enjoy reading, climbing and have been occasionally running.


My fitness has been slacking with a lot at work the last few weeks but I've been gym climbing a fair amount and even got outside a few times over the last few months. I hope to get back into running soon and start training for a half marathon.


Reading wise I often keep a few books in the air at a time. I'm currently working my way through:

  • Principles by Ray Dalio
  • The Manager's Path by Camille Fournier
  • Semiosis by Sue Burke

I recently finished:

  • Assassin's Fate by Robin Hobb


I've been at Skylla for over 10 months now and it's been growing great. Work is super varied but my focus has been pulling together our systems and processes and team. As it's a start up I wear a bunch of hats but my most frequent hats are devops guru, full stack web developer and project manager.

Day One: Intentions

Ever searching for the best note taking application on Ubuntu I stumbled upon Standard Notes today and then the #100Days writing challenge they suggest. I thought it was a great idea and something that would kickstart me back into writing, recording my thoughts and making them more public. So starting today I'm committing to doing it for the next 100 days. With 95 days left in 2019 this seems like the perfect time to start, wrap up my thoughts for the year and experiment with a new habit to consider keeping in 2020.

For the first day of the challenge the easiest and most useful first post is to document my intentions and maybe list some intended outcomes.

Public record: I intend to force myself into committing my thoughts to the "paper" aka the internet. I have a blog but with I often over analyze and try to make sure the posts are solid before posting. On Twitter the medium and most of my thoughts don't fit well into 140 characters so here I can be flexible with that. I have a big backlog of ideas for topics to talk and this challenge should empty them.

Improve communication: Writing my thoughts out and getting feedback from you all will help improve my writing ability.

Improve thoughts: I hope to self-evaluate and improve my thinking process as well as stretch myself to hone some of my skills, document things I know and write down questions I want to know the answer to.

Want to follow along? This will be terrifying for me and poor entertainment for you. Maybe you can join the challenge with me.

Hello World

This is my first test post.