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To evolve from showing people how a place looks to making them experience how a place feels.
Driving atmosphere and emotion through visuals.
That's what my style of photography is all about.
To me photography is not reality, it is a representation, a simulation, an interpretation of reality

Nothing illustrates this better that one of my favorite artists René Magritte's painting - La Trahison des Image

Lessons from akbar

If you want to go far but feel at home, take your women along with you. Mothers, sisters, wives and mistresses

Not because you own them but because you need them, your soul seeks and depends on them.
They bring with them their culture, their way of life, the stories they tell you the stories they tell others.
you Need them to feel at home.

./ From seen unseen podcast women in Indian history 49:00

Do not blindly trust others

Your peer do not necessarily know what's best.

By the New York Times’s and Abrams’s own account, though, hubris killed Friendster. A group of venture capitalists persuaded Abrams to turn down a $30 million offer from Google and then ran it into the ground with novel features rather than keeping the creaky site functioning smoothly. Pages just didn’t load.

[r: https://pocket/read/2696858016]
./ startup advice

balding ambition

Balding is an absolute misfortune not so much lack of ambition

I find it funny. People are worried how they will look on their wedding day.
About making sure they get married before they go bald so as to 'not look old in wedding photos' but not at all bothered by not fulfilling the dream of being a millionaire / owning a house ; business ; a jet before the same deadline.

be deliberate with life

It is true that you cannot control everything in life. But you can surely be deliberate about how you want to utilize your time, given its fleeting nature.

respect yourself

If you don't respect your time, no one else will.
Can be applied to ability, skills, privacy, productivity, your very own being in general.

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why listed

/ the no fuss blog

I often get asked why I choose listed over the other blog platforms. Here is my answer

.# I like hassle-free

.# I like fast

.# I like no-bloat

.# I like the minimalist

The no fuss blog
Always worrying about font style, images, format and what not. Listed is no place for such fancy.

Blogs I steal spirit from

Hostile architechture

I was at the train station this morning when I for the first time noticed the silver steel bench. It was the gleaming arm-rest that really caught my attention. "So thoughtful out the authorities to provide this little detail." It was physically comforting but for some reason I couldn't get myself to accept this kind thoughtfulness.
It was only a week ago that I had read an article in the Times that spoke of how New York subways are ditching the traditional seats to opt for 'lean only' benches.

A quick google search for 'Hostile architecture' brings laughably depressing images of how humans try to control the behavior of other humans by way of environment.

It goes to show how seemingly innocuous things can have such a profound impact on how we behave.

Work being deligated to you is a privilege

Getting work from your boss is a privilege. It is only those who deserve the work that get the work.
Beyond skills, it the ability to finish projects and see things to the end that earns one this privilege. If you do not showcase these abilities, I am sorry you do not deserve the work that your superiors would rather assign to your peers.
One of the best movies that expanded on this idea for me was Whiplash. The scene in which the instructor says "Its not your part. It is MY part and I am lending it to you. Earn it" In many ways this is what a manager too ought to say to his subordinates as the Directors will never ask the base employees if results are not delivered. It is going to be his neck on the guillotine if the targets aren't met.

One needs to be cognizant of this when working under an honest supervisor.

The psychology of self transformation and finding purpose

Ask yourself how often are you unsatisfied, irritated, regretful of your life? How many days of a 30 day month do you think about any of these?
The answer to these questions is not dulling the senses by way of drugs and alcohol. The foremost thing to do is to fully accept that change is indeed needed.

"If you plan on being anything less than that which you are capable of, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life" Abraham Maslow

The idea is clear, to be happy one needs to actualize one self.
Self actualizes are defined by a life mission. For determining a life mission one usually goes looking for their true passion. The problem is, our success is defined by the skills we develop. If you are not sure of where your passion lies, you are never going to find it just by mediation in a dark room. Instead of doing that, go out and pick something challenging that sparks your curiosity. Do not worry about it being the perfect choice.

In the words of Goethe "How can a man come to know himself? Never by thinking, but by doing. Try to do your duty and you will know at once what you are worth."
The idea is to keep moving forward.

"Thought > Action > Habit > Character > Destiny" Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Pursuing a challenging goal is not so much to enjoy the greatness and benefit at the end of the road but rather it requires us to leave our comfort zone, learn news skills and learn above all else that we aren't as helpless as we thought we were

When feeling helpless or inadequate, meditation and introspection alone will never cure us of the feelings but know that we can always take purposeful action to cure things.
"Focus on purposeful behavior, let the feelings take care of themselves."

Therefore I say, I rather choose a co-founder who is disciplined than passionate for when passion fails, discipline continues working.

[r: Academy of ideas youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQgC2nI6Wu4]
./ #self-reflection #self-dev

Joker movie review

First 30 second impression of the movie

Gotham happens when rich people, governments, businesses, aren't doing their job, driving the economy the way they should.
Papa Wayne is every charismatic rich man ever, giving great hopes yet coming through on only a few of them.
Phoenix plays the part beautifully primarily because of the acting he does when he isn't acting.
The acting that happens when he is absolutely silent yet has to convey emotions without words or gestures

Validation and self-esteem

Arthur is seeking validation, him dancing, him dreaming of being on the Murry show, him dreaming of Murry calling him a son for whom he would be willing to give away all his fame and fortune.
Its about a person seeking recognition by the masses and of course acceptance by his very own father.
Perhaps most vividly seen in him watching himself on television.

Arthurs dance

His unique celebratory / preparation dance reminded me of primal mating rituals. Like a peacock seeking favourable female glances, spending arms in a swirly motion, asserting his dominance in gaining attention

Physical state affecting mental state

The rapid descension of Arthur's mind set against the rapid descension of Arthur's mind just goes to show how much one's social and environmental surrounding can affect an already ailing mind. The part that got me was the city being infested by 'deadly rats' as if poverty wasn't enough.

Divide in rich and poor

Playing devils advocate here for a minute. I'd like to argue that it is dumb when poor / working class folks get angry at rich for being rich. One could also go so far as saying it is the rich that provide jobs (and hence livelihood) to the poor. As seen in the movie, the state of the city was in ruins once the mask clad men had taken over the city. Imagine, would you dare raise your child in such an environment?
I do not encourage the greed or selfishness of the rich in any way. Yet, I find the idea of Joker as a Mayor or state economic adviser to be not so savory

Calming the crowds through pubic comedy

It almost felt like Mr. Murry too was controlled by the state. Like a state appointed pasifier of sorts for people of Arkham. To calm and deflect the attention of the people from the true trials and troubles of the masses and sick city they exist in.

tobacco smoking kills 70 lack how many does mental illness does

trajedy is spectacle just like the movie network


If you loved the movie because of Joker's (Joaquin Phoenix) performance, you should absolutely check out The Master (2012).
Why? well, because in this movie he is basically acting out a piece of his own life. The movie is about a man who leads a cult, unbeknownst to you perhaos, younger Joaquin himself was a part of an actual cult. You do the math.
If you loved it for the plot you should totally check out The Network (1976)
Another personal favourite is Taxi Driver (1976) which producer Martin Scorsese himself sights as inspiration for the movie

Each of these movies are a part of my all time favourites collection and I recommend you watch them even if you enjoyed just a sliver of Joker.

Systems over people

Perhaps, there probably isn't anything more 'human' than a cop accepting a bribe.
His salary is laughable, his social life is non-existent, his health too is rapidly on the decline. What ever little extra he can earn to put food on the table and perhaps buy his wife a nice sari in his eyes is absolutely fine. He is human.

There is no such thing as the perfect politician or a perfect professor or a perfect employee even. These are all human beings responding to things they see as incentives or beneficial to them

Politicians are not corrupt because they are bad people. They are just rational actors working towards preserving their power, pleasing the people who will fund their campaign, making sure they win the next election cycle. They are human beings acting in their own personal interest.

You will often hear people say things like 'This city has a lot of corruption, low employment, high illiteracy and it's all because we have wrong person(s) in power and that only if we could find the right person and put them in power all will magically change.'
No. There is no thing such as 'the right person'.
it's the system that needs to change. The solution is to build a system where the incentives are such that who ever is in-charge will do the right thing or (at least) not be able to do damage.
The need of the hour is tt build a framework that takes into account these incentives and fundamental drives of human nature instead of turning a blind eye and pretending everything will be fine.

Thanks to Raghu for the conversation that sparked this thought and to Ankita for proof reading the text.
./ Creating systems that work ; project planning ; human behavior

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Finding work as a fresher

No picture sums up the predicament of a fresher better than this

I've read so many articles and guides that go into the nitty-gritty of designing a résumé and preparing for mock interviews - which clothes to wear and what not. While completely forgetting the core of what will actually get you the job - credibility.

Work experience is doing the same job for 10 years
Credibility is the trust one has that you'll find a path no matter what task is thrown your way.
The latter is what the HR (and people in general) are truly looking for. It is also the reason why your Boss (may)earn(s) multiples of what you do.

You can do the same job for 10 years and still not be equipped to cope with the enhanced responsibilities of a new job role. On the other hand, if you're credible, people believe that you'll get the job done no matter what.

When people ask for work-ex they really don't care if you sit in office for extra hours or made a hundred cold calls. They are really just looking for credibility. They wanna be assured that after hiring you, they aren't doing you job.

The answer then should be in not looking for work per-se but rather gaining credibility.

The answer is in doing great work for the greatest but for free. Not forever but just a limited term.
Why free you ask? well, as of this moment, you have no standing in the market and you need to make an offer they cannot refuse.

Let's step into the minds of your prospective employer.
When it comes to pricing, nothing really beats free. If you are indeed given the job, your employer really has nothing much to lose.
on the contrary, if you do perform, he/she has quite a bit to gain. A gamble that costs nothing but has a 50/50 chance of a win is a more than decent deal.
That's why free.

Now lets come to the publicity and distribution part.
The thing about great people is that they talk, they share and they in general want to see people grow.
If your work was indeed truly great, you will have already earned the trust and good will of these people.
If that's true, they are bound to talk about you the next time someone asks them for a recommendation.
THAT, is your chance to cash in.

Do great work, do it for great people, do it for free and get them to talk about it.

Thanks to Kushal for inspiring me on this topic and to Ankita for proof reading the text.
-#career #student #fresher #job #experience

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Decision fatigue

Making decisions tires you. It's a real thing.
Hence many choose to minimize decisions and just rather go with the flow. You may have an infinite amount of general energy but you surely have a finite amount of 'decision energy' Every decision you make depletes it a little more.
Therefore it is common to go the way of satisficing in that you satisfy yourself by buying the first item on the shelf that suffices your need.

It is also perhaps the reason why Albert Einstein had 6 identical suits or why almost every photo of Steve jobs you have seen, he is dressed in a black turtle neck and blue jeans.

No wonder I so often find myself buying things I do not need yet feel would be helpful someday. Perhaps I am satisficing a future want.
Either way, I think it is worth noting and being aware of this part of ourselves and perhaps even try to rise above it.

I guess it is high time I started satisficing the right way.

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On writing everyday

Writing can be a great stress buster.
That's nice but one often makes the mistake of writing only about that which troubles oneself.
While this may work fantastically for some, it hasn't always worked for me. I find myself getting even more frustrated when I force myself to think about thoughts that depress me. When angry, the last thing I want to do is think about things that further anger me.

Contrastingly, writing about random stuff has worked beautifully for me. I even get around to thinking about the things that initially worried me and sometimes end up sorting them out. Like having the stress from your mind flow out through your finger tips! (keyboards with a travel of more than 1.7m greatly help)

There is also this thing of fostering creativity by way of running out of creative ideas. The more you write, the more you feel that you don't have anything else to write about but you somehow end up writing more. You start to scour and scratch your brain for more and that's when genius steps into the light.

Also, the idea isn't to win the Noble prize for litrature (I'm not sure they have one). You WILL make mistakes, You WILL sound funny. And there will be a platora of typos. And that's alright.
As time passes and as you keep at it, you will see your writing evolve , contort and become more of an extension of you.
As long as your write, just write.

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