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Elders siblings set standards

In a family, what the eldest child does often sets the standard for each that follow. This is more so true with career and education. Seeing the eldest one talk about markets, finance and economics may get the younger ones curious about the matter. Thereby causing them to pursue similar fields if not the exact same industry.

Dunbar number

Dunbar's number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships— relationships in which an individual knows who each person is and how each person relates to every other person. There is some disagreement to the exact number. Dunbar proposed that humans can comfortably maintain only 150 stable relationships. He put the number into a more social context, the number of people you would not feel embarrassed about joining uninvited for a drink if you happened to bump into them in a bar. Estimates for the number generally lay between 100 and 250.
Perhaps you too could check your 'follwers' to see how many of them you actually remember.

arithmetic refresher

Some notes on integers that I learnt today.

Integers are numbers you count with (hence fractions and roots cannot be integers)
Even integer - divisible by 2
Odd integer - not divisible by 2
prime - divisible by 1 and itself (1, 3, 5). They have to be greater than 1.
./ #star 2 is the only even prime number
0 - is the only non negative, non positive integer
./ #star Non integer value cannot be determined as odd or even

are positive integers that make up a number evenly. (finite)

integer divisible by another integer (infinite)

Left over after dividing two numbers. Will always be smaller than the number being divided by.

Do not ever put humans on ridiculous pedestals

A person may be a great human being on Monday, Tuesday and Friday too but come Saturday you have no guarantee nor idea of what they can be upto. Hence never put anyone, even a god above God. Use your sanity and be you.

Dilbert Principle

A management concept developed by Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comic strip), the Dilbert Principle is inspired by The Peter Principle. Under the Dilbert Principle, employees who were never competent are promoted to management in order to limit the damage they can do. Adams first explained the principle in a 1995 Wall Street Journal article, and expanded upon it in his 1996 business book, The Dilbert Principle.
./ see:

Notes on Descriptive statistics

Descriptive stats 2
Measures of spread (5 number summary)
Here we are trying to figure how spread out the data is. Two given set data may have same mean but have different min and max.

Histogram is useful for this

5 number summary =>
min ,
first quartile (median of data on left side of main median),
second quartile (median) ,
third quartile (median of data on right side of main median),


Standard deviation -
Measure spread of data set with a single value
it tells us, on average how much each item varies from the mean.
For example when looking at sets of prices of 2 different stocks, the set where the standard deviation is higher is considered riskier since the instances seem to fluctuate rapidly between more than one extremes hence signifying risk.

Shape of our data

5 tips for first view understanding of data

  • plot the data
  • deal with the outliers (may need domain expertise)
  • You can fully describe a normally distributed data with mean and standard deviation
  • for skewed data you will need 5 number summary to describe it correctly

Descriptive vs inferential statistics
Descriptive statistics is about describing the data we have. By itself the data is just a bunch of numbers sitting in a grid. Think of it like very first scientists naming the solar system, making sense of the universe as they went about discovering it.
Inferential statistics on the other hand is about drawing conclusions from the data. Perhaps even foretelling trends from the patterns you find in hidden in the data. Kinda like predicting the next solar storm or maybe even doomsday.
It is about drawing conclusions about the entire universe (which we cannot survey) from the data that we gathered from our sample set of planets (that we can survey).

The Spotify Model on Spotify Labs

The Spotify Model based on Spotify Labs

The Spotify Model is an approach to team and organization structure which has been popularized by 'Spotify'. In this model, teams are organized around features, rather than technologies. This allows for a more focused work force that is intuitively aware of what is right and how priority should be assigned. It also creates an environment where the 'residents' understand each other and the greater goal of the 'neighborhood'.

The Spotify Model also popularizes the concepts of Tribes, Guilds, Chapters, which are other components of their organization structure.

Expectations to uknown experiences

Take expectations and do something unexpected with it.


Make tasks easy

Make tasks easy especially if you want someone else to do it.
The lesser steps something has the more likely you are to actually do it and do it regularly even.

On seeking mentors

I often get asked how could one find a mentor. Where should one look and what criteria should one have?
While I may not be able to answer all of those, I do happen to have found a sure fire way select a good mentor. Seek out true masters. People who don't do things as a career but as a heritage or a moral responsibility.

Wabi sabi

Nothing is permanent
Nothing is finished
Nothing is perfect

Imperfection creates individuality adds value.
Seeking out imperfection


To evolve from showing people how a place looks to making them experience how a place feels.
Driving atmosphere and emotion through visuals.
That's what my style of photography is all about.
To me photography is not reality, it is a representation, a simulation, an interpretation of reality

Nothing illustrates this better that one of my favorite artists René Magritte's painting - La Trahison des Image

Lessons from akbar

If you want to go far but feel at home, take your women along with you. Mothers, sisters, wives and mistresses

Not because you own them but because you need them, your soul seeks and depends on them.
They bring with them their culture, their way of life, the stories they tell you the stories they tell others.
you Need them to feel at home.

./ From seen unseen podcast women in Indian history 49:00

Do not blindly trust others

Your peer do not necessarily know what's best.

By the New York Times’s and Abrams’s own account, though, hubris killed Friendster. A group of venture capitalists persuaded Abrams to turn down a $30 million offer from Google and then ran it into the ground with novel features rather than keeping the creaky site functioning smoothly. Pages just didn’t load.

[r: https://pocket/read/2696858016]
./ startup advice

balding ambition

Balding is an absolute misfortune not so much lack of ambition

I find it funny. People are worried how they will look on their wedding day.
About making sure they get married before they go bald so as to 'not look old in wedding photos' but not at all bothered by not fulfilling the dream of being a millionaire / owning a house ; business ; a jet before the same deadline.

be deliberate with life

It is true that you cannot control everything in life. But you can surely be deliberate about how you want to utilize your time, given its fleeting nature.

respect yourself

If you don't respect your time, no one else will.
Can be applied to ability, skills, privacy, productivity, your very own being in general.

./ #aos #shorts

why listed

/ the no fuss blog

I often get asked why I choose listed over the other blog platforms. Here is my answer

.# I like hassle-free

.# I like fast

.# I like no-bloat

.# I like the minimalist

The no fuss blog
Always worrying about font style, images, format and what not. Listed is no place for such fancy.

Blogs I steal spirit from

Hostile architechture

I was at the train station this morning when I for the first time noticed the silver steel bench. It was the gleaming arm-rest that really caught my attention. "So thoughtful out the authorities to provide this little detail." It was physically comforting but for some reason I couldn't get myself to accept this kind thoughtfulness.
It was only a week ago that I had read an article in the Times that spoke of how New York subways are ditching the traditional seats to opt for 'lean only' benches.

A quick google search for 'Hostile architecture' brings laughably depressing images of how humans try to control the behavior of other humans by way of environment.

It goes to show how seemingly innocuous things can have such a profound impact on how we behave.

Work being deligated to you is a privilege

Getting work from your boss is a privilege. It is only those who deserve the work that get the work.
Beyond skills, it the ability to finish projects and see things to the end that earns one this privilege. If you do not showcase these abilities, I am sorry you do not deserve the work that your superiors would rather assign to your peers.
One of the best movies that expanded on this idea for me was Whiplash. The scene in which the instructor says "Its not your part. It is MY part and I am lending it to you. Earn it" In many ways this is what a manager too ought to say to his subordinates as the Directors will never ask the base employees if results are not delivered. It is going to be his neck on the guillotine if the targets aren't met.

One needs to be cognizant of this when working under an honest supervisor.