Friday 26th March 2021

Recently been listening to the PyBites Podcast. Good balance of content with a relaxed conversational tone. Measured whilst explicit enthusisam for the subject.

The PyBites Podcast is a podcast about Python Development, Career and Mindset skills. Hosted by the Co-Founders of PyBites, Bob Belderbos and Julian Sequeira, this podcast is for anyone interested in Python and looking for tips, tricks and concepts related to Career and Mindset. For more information on PyBites and Python, visit us at PyBites and hit us up on social media!

Bob and Julian talk a lot about mindset. Bob spoke in one episode of the benefit in framing goals in the present tense. That struck a chord with me.

I am a software developer! I am writing a program to substantially automate a thankless task which is being completed manually every shift at work.

It was in part an idea to build something similar to this that got and has kept me interested in learning to write code.

Success with the program will look like the job being done in a fraction of the time. Minutes instead of around an hour or so. Hourly functions over the shift will be distributed optimally between the team. Breaks and key responsibilities can be allocated with reference to scheduled tasks. Allocation tables will be generated.

Very good progress made this week. Coded some key stages in the program. Got over the disapointment and challenge of a false summit.

Getting more practice with dict(zip(), iter(), .pop() and .insert()

Found out about and had a go with itertools and more-itertools. Not needed so far but good to have the awareness of them both.

Todos are many. Essential is to allocate breaks. That may lead to refactoring hours to half hours. Secondary may be to conditionally auto allocate some key tasks. Include a database and user front end within the next two weeks? Maybe. CLI to demo definitely.

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