Friday 16th April 2021

Feeling okay this morning. Not great. Okay. Better than grumpy. Went to bed at 9.30pm. Up a couple of times but otherwise slept through to about 6.00 am. Eight hours or thereabouts. Pleased with that.

My neck is hurting. I think it may be being made worse when I ride the bike. Maybe handlebars are a bit narrow? I remember the MRI scan I had when I got knocked off the bike noting advanced deterioration of bones or what not in that area.

Just read a letter I wrote to a friend on the 16th May 2000. He was in prison. I was getting married that weekend. I spoke about changing careers into datbase management over the next year.

There is a thing I have done in my life. Something about age. Being too young or too old to do stuff. Something like that. It has held me back in many ways. I am responsible for it. I would do well to manage the influence it has on planning and decision making.

Just not feeling much enthusisam about anything for the past few days. Feeling a bit off kilter. Could be weeks. I don't think so. Maybe since I got the cold a week ago last Tuesday. Been feeling drained. Decrepid. Feeling the wear and tear of age.

Has me thinking about shaping up again. Get some good habits going. Helpful routines. Like going to bed before 11pm when I am working days. Drinking water in the morning. Checking my blood pressue. Keep on the with push ups and cycling. Getting a grip again on the chronic bad habbits. They don't go away. Just into remission.

That's a thing. Deciding on what's important and taking action to attain the state. Being fit, strong and able. That's important. So I need to look after my health. Moving in that direction is in line with what I think is important so naturally things will seem right when I am going that way.

What else is important. I wrote down some goals a month or so ago. Doing LEJOG, regular miles on my bike, being a software developer, getting in a 100 press ups. Pretty sure there was something in there about relationships too. I have been willfully iginoring reminders on my phone to review those goals for at least three or four weeks. An instance of ignoring what I notice and choosing not to do what I know is worthwhile.

Just thought about the 100 consecutive press ups. I got them done. It surprised me in some ways when I did. Twice in one day to boot! None since then though and that was last Monday. Also got in a 115 mile ride on that Thursday. All very good but such things can lead me to losing focus and drifting. A case of I've done it now and then not getting back on it.

Good to notice and think about these things for a little while this morning. Started off feeling a bit morose. I am feeling a bit more enthused about the day now just from writing this journal. Hope your's is a good one too. Wishing you well.

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