Tuesday 27th April 2021: timeboxed

Experimenting with the idea of a timeboxed schedule planner. Much planning done yesterday. I allowed myself to be distracted today. Eating the marshmallow. I got stuff done. More than had I not planned even though I never did everything I planned.

Internal triggers mostly. Willful diversions. Timeboxing was a bit out. Changes in the flow of family life. Forgot to include one or two things I spent time on. Did some coding. Deliberate practice? 30% at most. Realising how meandering my approach has become to learning and doing. Be good to get a grip of it. Fingers crossed good health and fitness will return and all will be good. I would not code a condition like that.

Sent a dynamo hub to the manufactuer in Taiwan for repairs. £25 plus £16 p&p. If it is fixed and returned it will be worth it. Hoping I don't get stung with tax on it's return. Custom bandits.

Got signed back on and 'migrated' for some freelancing work with a big multinational. Sounds pretty good put like that. Surveys, reports and consultancy. Trying out getting back into what I'd been doing for the six years before Covid.

Key factors I'm thinking of is getting to work when I want / need to; getting to visit some interesting locations and meet some interesting people. No managerial responsibilities.
I am better off employed as I work more paid hours and get pension payments, employee benefits etc. Freelancing feels like I have less days working and more holidays. Base hourly rate is double. Enhanced payment for unsocial hours, weekends and nights in employment counter that.
Admin and report writing is unpleasant. Good though I get to do it at home. Thoroughness, efficiency and discipline. Without it work becomes neverending. With it this becomes a more attractive option.
Freelancing sometimes presents opportunities that would not otherwise occur. There is novelty and newness about the work even though the process for bread and butter assignments is the same. Seems sensible to keep the possibiity alive.

Giving timeboxing my schedule another go tomorrow. It made a good difference today.

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