Monday 2nd November 2020

I have been using Standard Notes for a few years now. The functionality has improved progressively over this time. The latest update to the desktop client 3.5.1 has all notes decrypted and on display very quickly.

I moved over to Standard Notes having tried a number of other different note keeping apps. It was a laborious process transferring everything I had in Evernote. Worthwhile though and I have never looked back.

Standard Notes ticks boxes for privacy, longevity, FOSS and ownership of data. The simple UI and rendering is a plus. Syncing between devices is as expected. I only use a few extensions and those I do work great. Back up and restore has been flawless. Very reassuring.

I have been aware of Listed for a while. I like the platform. The simplicity. Not been minded to use it much though. Had a go now and then out of curiosity but nothing more. I have kept a blog for years using Wordpress. Neglected a blog for years might now be more accurate to say. Times have moved on. An over-engineered solution and way more than I use. The notion of posterity has kept it going. I shall archive, shut down and move on.

The intention now is to start using Standard Notes / Listed to support my learning to program using Python. I often read how easy it is to learn how to code using Python. Depends what your reference point is I guess. I've been at it since December 2019. No prior related experience. I have got to the point of understanding that learning Python is not the same as learning to program. That realisation is perhaps a useful measure of the level I am at with it. In that regard learning Python to an intermediate level has I suppose been quick and easy. To keep moving forward from this point is the aim.

So then posts here shall be about all that and the odd bit of Linux related stuff I come across and find helpful. Desktop (Ubuntu), mobile (Pine Phone) and Raspberry Pi. Maybe a bit about cycling. Long distance audax. Perhaps the odd comment on unrelated ideas that I'd feel some benefit from thinking about, writing down and sharing. That kind of thing.

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