Saturday 2nd January 2021

Well here goes. Still find it 'fun' to start new habits at this time of year. See how long I keep up intentions and interests. Coding and cycling are two. Press ups. 50 done this morning. Prepare my own food more. There is the garden and house to attend to as ever. Relationships with family, friends, colleagues, patients and so on. Be someone other people like to be around. Meditation. Got in 30 minutes this morning. The list goes on.

To do as is typical or do something different this time round.

Instead of or as well as looking back on what has been in 2020 perhaps imagine what I would like that to include at the end of 2021. A reflection and projection.

I am writing this note using a Standard Notes extension Theo Chu wrote and put out to the world for free. It's excellent. Theo had not coded much before building this extension. It took him 300 hours. That's 21.5 full days or 37 eight hour days or to stretch it out to something like real life 60 five days without a day off. The documentation is very well done. Detail and presentation. Goes along with his role at Standard Notes; maintain technical documentation; research and learn concepts in privacy, security, and technology and explain them in simple, digestible articles.

The functionality of the extension is fairly intuiative. I am enjoying using it. Theo writes about the devlopment of the extension at 300 Hours of code: Building projects that solve problems.

I have over the last year been learning to code without much if any focus on solving problems. It's been fun. I have learned a lot and benefited from doing so. This year would be good to do something tangible with code. Being adaptable is problem solving. Perhaps problems to build solutions for might become more apparent by thinking about how I and/or others adapt our behaviour to make things work.

Signed up to a couple of online courses. Started NDG Linux Unhatched today. Working through the topics and finding I am familiar with most of tthem so faar. I shall be starting PCAP: Programming Essentials In Python English 1220b just as soon as a glitch with the website is sorted out.

It's 1742hrs. Working tonight. Time to get ready and go...

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