Monday January 4th 2021

Yeah. So it's now 1.22 am. On a break. Working nights. I work in a mental health hospital. I am a mental health nurse. I have been since 1989.

Not so many people back then had the earnest interest and recognition of mental health issues that is currently fashionable in England to proclaim. It's not unusual for some 'celebrity' to grab a bit of publicity talking about recovering from some mental health issue they have labelled themselves with.

Mental health can now to be anything from feeling a bit miserable to headline grabbing tragedies involving someone known to mental health services. Much of what gets labelled nowadays as mental (ill)health is a normal reaction to life. It's what happens. It's part of being a human. We mostly move on and get over it. Like a cold.

The benefit of pathologising human experience often gets no further than drug companies, private therapists, to the self help / mindfulness app makers and how to be happy book sellers. It lets governments off the hook for failing to build nations that put welfare and people before business interests and profit.

Mental health issues talked about by 'celebrities' seem to be mostly a product of lifestyle choices. It's an odd mix of poor me / look at me and you could have it to. I bet there are those that have given likes / thumbs up / kudos to others talking about some mental health issue on social media. Kind of missing the point but hey ho.

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