Saturday 9th January 2021

Wife got sent home from work on Tuesday having had a close contact with a manager who tested positive for C19. Told to arrange testing and isolate pending the result.

This meant the rest of the family also had to isolate until the result arrived. Not a big deal but something to be done.

I was rostered to be at work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. Phoned in and was correctly advised to stay at home until wife's result was recieved. This is not to discount the box of the Lateral Flow Test Kits (LFTK) given to me by work to self test.

Following the 'rules' meant staying off work to wait for my wife's PCR results rather than using a LFTK to self test. Says something about the governments investment and confidence in them.

The PCR test kit arrived for my wife on Wednesday. Result received on Friday night at around 8.30 pm. Negative. Hurray! No suprise though. We have all been symptom free and feeling fine. Back to work on Monday.

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