Wednesday 13th January 2021

Cycling: Grim weather. Foggy. Drizzle. Dark. Muddy. 40km out in it on the bike. LEJOG was cancelled in 2021. Scheduled in for this July. Fingers crossed C19 will not put a stop to it this year. Putting in regular miles to build up to the event.

116-hours & 40-minutes to complete the 1402 km route. 289km a day for a bit under five days. Helps to have a big ride planned. Have to be a good way to match fitnes to complete the ride without harsh sufferation.

A driving force to get out the door. Just plodding out 40 - 50 km on days off along with a 30km commute and a couple of longer rides each month will get me there.

Push ups: Since late October press ups have been a thing in our house. The 100 push up training programme. It's caught the boys interest. One of them and I completed the program before Christmas though were still 50 short of doing 100 in one go. Him and two of his brothers have taken it up again now, working through the sets from week three. The oldest is joining in via video call from his place at university. It's good fun to be doing this with them all.

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